Fisher Funds Picks Vodafone to Elevate Customer Service

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Since switching to Vodafone (which will transform into One New Zealand in early 2023) contact centre products, Fisher Funds has seen a dramatic improvement in its customer experience with over 73 hours of call time saved for team members and clients within the first 30 days.

With a holistic view of customer conversations, better call routing, and intuitive web self-service, customers can quickly get the help they need.

When it comes to financial advice you want clear, concise and timely communication. So, when trusted financial service provider Fisher Funds wanted to update their communications strategy with an omnichannel solution, a partnership with Vodafone utilising Vodafone Connect powered by AWS and Vodafone Concierge was ideal. Vodafone Connect is an ominichannel platform, meaning Fisher Funds clients can communicate with their financial advisors using whatever channel they prefer, whether that’s email, phone or online.

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Omnichannel contact centre solutions represent a more seamless journey for customers, with reduced time waiting for calls or emails to be answered, giving more time back to New Zealanders. No one enjoys spending hours on hold and Vodafone Connect works with businesses to better manage customer communication and prevent these long wait times. The omnichannel contact centre, built by Vodafone for Fisher Funds, was launched in October 2021 and is staffed by client service executives, senior client advisers and wealth advisers.

Some of the flow on effects of Vodafone Connect and Vodafone Concierge include:

Empowering Fisher Funds clients to verbally confirm the purpose of their call
Seamless and efficient routing to the right person for the type of query
The ability to give clients the choice to use VF Connect for web-based self-service
A more holistic view of client conversations and support for Fisher Funds
73 hours of call time saved in the first 30 days

Mo Odedra, Head of Client Services of Fisher Funds, says the new contact centre solution has been a game changer, with 73 hours of call time being saved for advisers and clients. “Vodafone is a leader in this space, sharing best practices from different industries across New Zealand. They were a great partner throughout this process, ensuring our staff were onboarded onto the new system with all requisite training while also working to ensure the system was adapted to a hybrid working environment. This solution has enhanced our award-winning service, ensuring clients get support faster”

Scott Gardiner, Cloud Solutions Manager at Vodafone (soon to be One NZ) believes the results speak for themselves. “Here at Vodafone, we’re confident in the tailor-made solutions we can deliver for businesses like Fisher Funds. We have a strong expertise in the contact centre space and Fisher Funds is one of many businesses seeing the positive impacts we can have on customer outcomes.”