Tuesday, July 23, 2024


Sachin Saraf

Advancements in 5G offer significant opportunities for OSS/BSS vendors: Comviva

Focus on OSS/BSS Innovations | TelecomDrive.com At a time when global telecom operators and CSPs are embracing 5G technology, fast paced advancements in 5G offer...
AK Bhatt

Satellite Communications Presents Numerous Opportunities for Indian Startups: ISpA

Spotlight on Satellite Communications | TelecomDrive.com The rapid introduction of next-generation satellite communications technology in India is driving huge opportunities for Indian startups to drive...

“Our India strategy revolves around localization, innovation, and robust distribution”: Endefo

Spotlight on Innovation | TelecomDrive.com Dubai-based lifestyle Wearables and Hearable brand – Endefo is continuously innovating to stay ahead of market trends and meet consumer...
Kannav Thukral

How Blackzone Mobile is Driving Innovation in India

Whether it is feature phones, smartphones or smartwatches - India’s Blackzone Mobile is delivering innovative user experience with the help of its commitment on...
Vaibhav Mehta

How Open API Innovation can fast-track CPaaS Revolution?

As global telecom operators are gearing up to deliver higher customer-experience and assimilate innovation for their service-offerings in the 5G era, adoption of an...

Comviva Enabling Harmonized Customer Experience with ADriN

Spotlight on 5G Opportunities | TelecomDrive.com With an aim to realizing the full potential of 5G, Comviva launched its innovative ADriN (Application Driven Network) platform...
Arvind Bali

TSSC – Driving Skill Development for Telecoms

Focus on Skill Development | TelecomDrive.com In our effort towards filling the widening demand-supply gap in telecom workforce, TSSC is working closely with leading industry...
Kelly LeBlanc

FYUZ 2023: IP Infusion Showcasing Open Networking Innovations

Spotlight on FYUZ 2023 | TelecomDrive.com Over the past recent years, IP Infusion has clearly emerged as a preferred vendor for driving disaggregated networking solutions...
Chris Halton

“We will continue to deploy C-Band aggressively for mobility and FWA”: Verizon

Keeping its focus on delivering the best network experiences for consumers and enterprise, Verizon is looking forward to deploying C-Band aggressively for mobility and...
Jason Taylor

Zayo: Enabling Capacity, Capabilities and Automation for Telecoms

Spotlight on Network Infrastructure | TelecomDrive.com Keeping its focus towards delivering modern network services and connectivity solutions, Zayo is working hard to drive innovation for...

RingCentral India: Reinventing Communications for Enterprise

Spotlight on Enterprise Communications | TelecomDrive.com With a huge number of multinational organizations establishing offices and technology hubs in India, more and more enterprise entities...
Nikhil Rajpal

Qubo | Driving Innovation, Enabling Smarter Lifestyle

Spotlight on Innovations and Disruptions | TelecomDrive.com Keeping its focus on delivering meaningful and innovative technology solutions, Qubo is powering products & experiences for its...
Arvind Bali

How TSSC is Enabling 5G Workforce in India

Focus on 5G Education | TelecomDrive.com As India is experiencing one of the fastest deployments of 5G technology globally, there is an ever increasing need...
Vishal Mathur

FYUZ 2023 | Puts Spotlight on Open & Disaggregated Network Solutions

Spotlight on FYUZ 2023 | TelecomDrive.com FYUZ has already become the landmark event for the industry showcasing the latest developments in the Open & Disaggregated...
Varun Gupta

Boult: Driving Innovation in Wireless, Wearables, and IoT Categories

Spotlight on Innovation | TelecomDrive.com Boult has completed six glorious years in India and as a brand, it is able create its own space in...
Rahul Tandon

IDEMIA Driving Innovation with eSIM IoT Specification

Spotlight on Innovations & Disruptions | TelecomDrive.com The new eSIM IoT specification is developed to enable connectivity for massive IoT necessitates and a simplified integration...
Paul Savill

How Kyndryl is Driving Innovation in Private 5G

Spotlight on Private 5G | TelecomDrive.com As enterprise segment looks towards efficient management of their networks – Private 5G is fast emerging as a great...
David Stokes

How Ribbon is Driving Hybrid Slicing Capabilities for Operators

Spotlight on Network Slicing | TelecomDrive.com As 5G is fast becoming a promising way to transform global connectivity, telecom operators are looking forward to establishing...
Shivaji Chatterjee

How Hughes is Driving ‘Made in India’ Innovations

Spotlight on Made in India | TelecomDrive.com Enabling innovation that is driven by realizing the spirit of ‘Made in India’ initiative, Hughes has built a...
Petr Bakulov

Without AI you can’t be safe on the road

Petr Bakulov is a high-tech systems scientist, entrepreneur. He was Associate at Department of Transport Telematics and Lecturer in the Basics of Vehicle Management...