Everbridge Unveils PSInsights for Accelerated Emergency Response


Everbridge, Inc., the global enabler in critical event management (CEM) and national public warning software solutions, has introduced a new situational awareness capability enabling public safety authorities to gain deep visibility into critical situations – before, during and after they occur – in order to streamline the response and keep people safe.

Available as part of the company’s Public Safety solution, Everbridge PSInsights™ provides the information and visualization necessary for public safety professionals to properly communicate important life safety information to residents, tourists, or visitors in hazardous situations.



“We get a lot of information from the system,” said Tómas Gíslasen, Deputy CEO at 112, Iceland’s emergency service. “Knowing how many people there are in the area can help us understand the gravity of the situation and better prepare for the next steps in our rescue efforts.”​

Everbridge PSInsights provides situational awareness with real-time visibility into the scene of an incident. The technology offers the required level of detail that helps emergency services communicate and respond quicker and more efficiently.

“During a critical event, such as severe weather, flash flooding, or wildfires, public authorities need to quickly act and communicate important life safety information to the public,” said Knut Gjerde, Senior Director of Public Warning at Everbridge. “When every second counts, authorities need to clearly understand the situation on the ground to refine the messages they send to everyone in the affected area to keep them safe. PSInsights provides public safety agencies the level of visibility they require to support the most effective response.”

Everbridge PSInsights sheds light on the “black box” in which public authorities operate so that they can:

Know how many people are impacted by a critical event so they can prepare an effective response
Determine the exact location of people at risk to send proper instructions or evacuation orders
Understand the nationalities of those impacted so authorities can communicate in their native languages
Keep track of the evacuation progress and crowd movement to ensure that no one is left behind
The visual map interface can also complement existing cell broadcast-based population alerting systems and integrate with many leading mass notification platforms.

“When faced with a crisis, public authorities need a complete picture in order to conduct a proper impact assessment, make critical decisions, inform stakeholders, and direct affected people,” said Valerie Risk, Vice President of Public Safety Solutions at Everbridge. “Without clear situational awareness of an event, misinformation and misunderstanding can arise and delay response, often increasing the potential damage. PSInsights ensures instant, accurate, dependable, and complete information, which drives efficient decision-making and effective incident response.”

Everbridge will demonstrate PSInsights at the Natural Disasters Expo in Singapore on December 7-8, 2022. Visit us at Booth #447 to learn more about how Everbridge can improve your organization’s disaster response and resilience.

In 2021, Everbridge launched its enhanced Public Warning Center, the first-of-its-kind modular and multi-channel front-end interface featuring the ability to create and transmit a combination of cell broadcast and address-, group-, and location-based SMS alerts for countrywide alerting from a single console. Everbridge Public Warning leverages existing telecom infrastructure, with no opt-in required, to reach everyone within a geographic area to reduce disaster risk, support first responder communications, and analyze disaster communication effectiveness for subsequent mitigation activities. The platform is fully compliant with data privacy regulations including GDPR.

More governments across the globe deploy the Everbridge population alerting solutions than any other provider, offering the ability to reach over two billion residents and visitors in more than 200 countries and territories including the United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greece, the Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, and multiple countries across the Middle East and Africa.