INWIT Signs Agreement with SINA Hotels to Enable 5G Coverage


Italy’s first “5-star 5G hotel” has arrived. Under an agreement between INWIT and SINA Hotels, an indoor “5G Ready” cellular micro-coverage system is to be installed at the 5 Sina Bernini Bristol Hotel in Rome.

This is the first time that 5G technology will be deployed in the hotel sector – a major infrastructural addition that further enhances the existing high quality of Italy’s tourist accommodation.

The new network infrastructure will enable guests to enjoy high-speed connections in their rooms and in the hotel’s common spaces, taking full advantage of the digital services for business and tourism made possible by 5G technology.

The hotel has also installed multiple sensors so that guests and hotel staff can access innovative smart-home services, like opening doors with their smartphone, controlling lights and air conditioning to help save energy, security and CCTV systems, as well as video and audio entertainment and information.

INWIT and SINA Hotels are proud to set out together on this pioneering mission of further expanding digital services in the hotel sector.