Ericsson and Elisa pilot private networks in Finland

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As the demand for higher network reliability and performance continues to grow in Finland, Ericsson and Finnish telecommunications operator, Elisa, have teamed up to successfully pilot a private cellular network for the operator and its customers.

Designed to help service providers offer scalable, mission-critical broadband solutions for industries and public safety agencies, the Ericsson Private Networks solution will enable Elisa’s enterprise customers to gain control of users, devices and traffic on the local private networks, providing greater security and an increased capacity for high demand.

The pilot tests were conducted at Elisa’s facilities in the first of half of 2019 using a prepackaged Ericsson Private Network solution that included Ericsson Enterprise Core, Router 6000 and Radio Dot System for indoor coverage.

Eetu Prieur, Director of Mobile Solutions at Elisa, says: ”Private networks are expected to spread throughout different industries. Forerunner companies have already identified the benefits of private networks: guaranteed capacity, reliability and security.”

Manuel Ruiz, Head of Mission Critical & Private Networks at Ericsson, says: “The Ericsson Private Networks solution comes at a time when capacity, security, and other critical communication needs are prompting industries to seek out their own private networks. With their own dedicated networks for enterprises, Elisa will be able to better adapt their service to specific industrial customer needs.”

Ericsson has successfully deployed private networks at several industrial sites including utility companies, mines, ports, airports, and factories. The modernization of existing communication technologies as well as new use cases are generating strong productivity improvements and operational efficiencies for industries.

In June 2019, Ericsson secured a private network contract with microcar company e.Go Mobile AG, providing 5G Core and 5G New Radio solutions from Ericsson’s 5G Platform.

Private networks, which enable local control by an enterprise, can be tailored to an organization’s specific applications and business platforms to create sustainable growth through service provider’s existing assets. As private networks are closed, only specifically defined devices and connections can access them, securing higher levels of performance and information security valuable to industries.