How to improve your luck in an online casino


It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner to casino games or an experienced player who has travelled from Las Vegas to Macau and played with the best. One thing every gambler has in common is that they want to win but everyone goes through an unlucky streak at some point..

Winning formulas and unbeatable systems are like the Holy Grail to players of all games from poker to craps. Unfortunately no one has ever really found the perfect system. Perhaps the closest anyone came would be Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo who legally found a way to beat roulette. He found there was a flaw in the design of some roulette wheels and that certain numbers were favoured more than others. Between himself and his family he took Madrid and Las Vegas for millions of dollars before retiring. By the time he stopped he was banned from most Spanish casinos and was even unsuccessfully sued by one establishment. He remains the only person to have beaten the wheel without cheating.

Online casinos are very popular if you are thinking of playing you might be wondering how you can improve your luck. Is there a magical system? If there is then you will have to search further as what you will find here is a set of simple rules that if you follow will minimise your losses and hopefully improve your profits, but like any type of gamble there is no sure thing.


The very first thing you need to do before you deposit money into an online account is set your financial limits and your bankroll. Treat your gambling as another form of expenses so that you budget a set amount for your weekly online entertainment. This amount should never be more than you can afford to lose. That sounds defeatist but you have to be realistic. There will be losses and you need to play with what you can afford to lose even if that is an unhappy thought.

Never borrow money and don’t take from other areas of your household budget. Stick to your bankroll alone and then you will be able to monitor much more closely how much you are losing or winning over a period of time.

Read the reviews

Before choosing which online casino to visit check out Google reviews first. If you were downloading slots or other games from the Play store you would likely check out other player’s experiences first so you didn’t waste your time. An online casino should be treated no differently. After all you are ultimately going to be risking your money on this gaming site so why not check out what other people say first. If it is a big brand casino then the chances are you know it is legitimate but if it is a bitcoin only establishment then you need to be a bit more wary.

Bitcoin is not recognised as a currency and therefore bitcoin only casinos don’t have to follow the same legislation. This has led to some shady websites appearing only to disappear overnight with gamer’s money.

Look for free bets, bonuses and other incentives

You have read the reviews and narrowed down your choices. Now you can look at other reasons to play in a particular casino. Online casinos are falling over themselves to attract you to sign up with them and offer lots of incentives. Look for good bonuses and make sure to read the small print. There are some websites that have restrictions on what you can do with winnings from free bets and you may not simply be able to withdraw them. If you find a good bonus though then treat it as part of your bankroll. It is a way to improve your chances of winning and increase profits and shouldn’t be placed on an outside bet. Use it in the same way you would normally.

Learn the rules and practise

You have your casino. You have your free bonus and you have your bankroll. Time to go and play some cards right? Wrong.

Jumping in without knowing the rules is like throwing your cash down the drain. You may think craps is a simple game but there is far more to it than meets the eye. If you play poker then learn all the hands off by heart. Practice the games in free to play arenas or with friends until you feel you know the game well enough to start thinking about risking your hard earned money.

Learn basic strategy

As mentioned at the beginning all gamblers have looked for a foolproof system at some point and probably come up short. This doesn’t mean you should ignore time tested strategies though. There are strategies you can employ at the roulette wheel but their success rate is doubtful. Blackjack is a different beast though. If you are going to play blackjack then you must learn basic strategy. It is one of the few games where the casino has only a small edge over the player and you can use basic strategy to help improve your odds immensely.

Set your gambling strategy and stick with it

Having a strategy is essential. Don’t be tempted to throw bigger stakes in just because you have a few losses. Just stick to your normal betting level or reduce the bets for a while until the tide turns your way again.

Choose games with a low house edge

House edge is the advantage (as a percentage) that the house has over you in any game. Card games like baccarat and blackjack have a low house edge so should be considered when choosing a game to play. Online slot machine games like starburst might also have a good RTP or return to player percentage as online casinos have lower overheads than brick and mortar ones so therefore can return winnings more often.


Set your bankroll, stick to your own strategy and research casinos and games before practicing and ultimately gambling your cash could help you improve your chances or at least reduce losses. Take advantage of free bets and bonuses and don’t play when overtired or distracted and hopefully you will have good luck and always remember when it’s no longer fun it’s time to stop.