Top 5 Lessons for Unlucky Casino Players


While it is possible to formulate strategies, a huge part of gambling is entirely down to luck. This is truer for some games than others. Baccarat or slots, for example, are almost entirely games of chance. Others, such as poker or roulette, offer greater player input. Whatever the game, there are times when luck is not on our side, and the cards, reels, or ball just doesn’t go our way. If you find yourself in this category, be heartened to know there measures you can take to keep the good times rolling.

Play games with a chances close to 50/50

The casino creates the edge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Minimise the house advantage by playing games which bring the odds as close to 50/50 as possible. Roulette is a good example here, and there are several betting options to choose – red/black, odd/even, for example. Andar Bahar is another great option, as is Blackjack which has one of the smallest house edges. Playing these games might not mean you necessarily strike it big, but more frequent wins leads to frequent thrills.

Play favourite games

Having a favourite game and sticking to it can also maximise your enjoyment. Practice might not make perfect, but it can make improvements. For example, if your favourite game is poker, you can learn how to read other players, and from strategies to deal with certain hands. None of these things can create luck as such, but they can make you a better player. Slots are ideal here because they can be tried for free. Taking your time to demo a wide range of slots will help you find a favourite – risk free.

Grab as many bonuses as possible

There are few industries which are as competitive as the gambling one. Each casino is vying for the attention of players, and one way to help them stand out is with bonuses. One of the best is from casino that offers up to 3000 rupees for every new player. As such, there are a ton of other juicy offers to take advantage of. Of course, do your homework and make sure the site in question is a legitimate operation first. If it is then great, scoop up as many bonuses you can, provided they suit your playing style. Playing with free spins, bonus cash, and golden chips is a great way to feel luckier.

Leave negative emotions at the door

Emotional gambling is fine, provided you are experiencing the right ones. Fun, thrills, excitement, this is what all gamblers play for. On the flipside, don’t gamble when you feel frustrated or angry. Feeling like you have to ‘get even’ is a counterproductive state. Chasing loses with silly bets is a fast track way to evaporate your account. If you find yourself ‘on tilt’, log out, and take time to calm down. That way you can refocus, stick to your plan, and return to simply having fun.

Play with friends and have fun

Like many things in life, gambling is better when shared with friends. In these times, the downtimes don’t seem so bad, and the good times become a celebration. Not only can you have a ton of fun playing alongside familiar faces, but you might have friends that can share some of their gambling tips or secrets to help put an end to an unlucky streak.

Wrap up

Remember, gambling is an exciting pastime, not a way to make money. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. As long as you play to a set limit, and follow simple rules like those on this list, it won’t matter whether you are lucky or not. You’ll still be having fun, and that’s the main thing.