How Technology is Enabling Road Safety in the UAE


UAE is the best place to plan a road trip. It has smooth roads with only a small amount of traffic that makes driving even more fun. But one thing must be kept in mind while driving in UAE, there are strict road rules that should be followed in any case. Right application of technology is enabling a lot of road safety in the UAE.

The administration of the UAE takes the road rules quite seriously. Breaking a road rule could force you to pay a huge fine or even land you in jail in some situations. The rules are the same even if you violate a road rule unintentionally. So, it is better to be fully aware of all the traffic rules so that you can avoid them and do not have to face any serious consequences.

Here is a list of a few road rules that you must remember while driving in the UAE. keep all these rules in mind while driving on the UAE roads. Enabled by online technology, you can contact RentalcarsUAE to get cheap car rental Dubai services and stay safe on the road.

1- Do not drive if you are drunk!

Drinking is highly illegal in UAE and it is quite dangerous to drive when you are drunk. The risk of you being in an accident is significantly greater if you are drunk. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited in UAE to drive while drunk.

The fact that this is a serious road rules violation is that if you are caught while driving drunk, you will not only be forced to pay a huge fine but also be jailed for a short duration of time. This penalty is placed to discourage the habit of drinking and driving among the drivers in the UAE.

2- Drive with complete focus on the road!

Driving a high-speed vehicle can be quite dangerous by itself, and when you add using a mobile phone while doing it, the risk of an accident jumps up exponentially. Using a mobile phone while driving a car is a great way to take your eye off the road and become a part of an accident.

So, you must not be driving and using a mobile phone at the same time. If you are caught by the traffic police in the act, they will place a high penalty on you and confiscate your vehicle for a short duration too. This road rule violation can cause 12 black points to be placed on your driving license too.

Not only can you not drive and use mobile at the same time, but there is also a list of activities that can take your concentration off the road and so you should be avoiding them while driving too. They include eating and drinking.

3- Always follow the speed limits

You must always look for the speed limit signs on the road and always follow them. These speed limit signs are there to ensure that you drive safely, and the chance of an accident is less. If you try to go beyond the speed limit, there is a high probability that you will crash the vehicle.

The roads of UAE are best to drive at high speed. That is why it will be difficult to resist the temptation of driving at low speeds, but in case you go beyond the speed limit, not only will you be fined but you might also be a part of an accident.

4- Never Hit and Run

No doubt being in an accident is bad in UAE, but the thing that could place you in even further trouble is hit and run. If you have been in an accident, never try to flee from the scene. UAE is known for its exceptional traffic police who can track you within minutes. So, it is useless to try to get away from there.

The best course of action if you have been in an accident is to help the person whom you have hit and inform the authorities of all the details regarding the incident. You will be fined but it is far less than when you are caught in a hit and run.

5- Stay in your lane!

Staying in your lane is quite crucial no matter where you are driving. If the driver starts to change their lanes abruptly, the driver behind him can crash into him. That is why there is a road rule against the unnecessary lane change in UAE.

It is the etiquette of the road to always drive in your lane and only change when you must by properly informing the person behind you through an indicator before time.


Road rules are generally the same everywhere, but UAE has a reputation for following its road rules strictly. So, whenever you are driving in the UAE, be sure to keep these rules in your mind and stay out of any kind of trouble. You can also contact any car rental Dubai company to hire a chauffeur along with a rental car for a convenient trip.

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