As The Metaverse Opens Up One Company Seeks To Allow Anyone To Utilize It


The Metaverse is something that has only recently caught the eyes of the public, but is in fact the culmination of over a decade of research and development. Merging some of the greatest ideas from the technology sector as well as Crypto and DeFi concepts, the Metaverse represents a new plane of innovation that could be utilized by millions in order to achieve their goals of success.

As with all new concepts there are many questions that surround the Metaverse, chiefly amongst them, is how does the individual use the Metaverse for their own benefit? How would a company use it to grow their capital, and how would it enable successful returns of investment when someone decides to move into the Metaverse? 

Portto, a blockchain based company, aims to use its app Blocto to provide the answers to all of these questions and more. Blocto provides users with a platform not unlike the popular Steam platform, only instead of video games, Blocto provides its users with a multitude of dApps. dApps are decentralized applications that can be used in order to accomplish specific tasks related to Crypto, DeFi, and Metaverse theories.

What this allows is for a user to download and use the apps they need for their own particular needs, rather than being forced into using a framework specific to a singular platform. Thus users can take advantage of flexibility that wouldn’t be allowed through traditional means, and at a higher degree than other platforms currently enable.  

These dApps are not limited to meely financial successes as well, as the platform also houses many gaming and entertainment based dApps. Furthermore, one of the largest strengths that Blcoto has going for it is the fact that it is a cross-chain operating platform.

What cross-chain means is that users are able to pick their own blockchains that they want to take advantage of. Whether it be Ethereum, the Binance Smartchain, or any number of alternatives, a user can find dApps on the Blocto platform that will operate smoothly and efficiently on said chains all in one location. This is one of the key benefits to Blocto, as many platforms, particularly those developed early on in Crypt/Metaverse development, were created to operate solely on one chain. With the early cryptocurrencies developed and newer ones on the way, it is crucial that such flexibility be allowed for any individual user to take advantage of.  

However, the single greatest strength that lies in what Blocto currently provides, is the fact that it is a foundation for how things will work in the future using the Metaverse. Instead of having to rely on developing entirely new and unique platforms, applications, and operations centers to utilize the Metaverse, users and companies will be able to operate using what Blocto already has. Its unique position and strong development team means that it is able to adjust as needed and can bond with other companies and platforms due to its cross-chain nature. Thus prospective users and companies can use Blocto without having to wait for long development times or having to change their currency or blockchain due to platform limitations.

While many individuals and companies have embraced these ideas with enthusiasm, one of the largest proponents for Blocto in particular has been Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank member Mark Cuban. A man who has always had an eye for the future, he recognizes the benefits that such a platform could bring and has been one of the most outspoken supporters of both Blocto and the Metaverse as a whole. Investing sizable amounts of capital into the company, it is clear that he believes it will have a major part of this developing industry.  

While this year has seen many developments in the technology and finance sectors, the rise of Crypto based solutions has been one of the most important innovations in recent financial history. Platforms like Blocto are created to allow for anyone to use these new innovations rather than having to go through a third party or major company to do so. Just as Decentralized Finance promises to deliver financial independence into the hands of the masses, so too do platforms like Blocto promise to deliver unparalleled access to these markets and industries.

The Metaverse has arrived and it is clear that it will grow at an exponential rate, particularly due to the support of mainstream investors, financial offers, and technologists. But for the average user, it will be Blocto that provides them with the tools and platform that they need to carve their own place out of the growing Metaverse.