6 Tricks How to Boost Up Your vivo Y21 Smartphone Performance?

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It is a common problem with most phones that they show a decline in performance after you have used them for quite a while. It sounds incredible, but the reason for this is the way you use your phone rather than the phone giving a sub-par performance. Phones like the vivo Y21 extend superior performance at affordable prices.

How You Can Boost Your Phone’s Performance

Shop Vivo Y21 online on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to avail of the lowest EMI and discounts on your Vivo phone. The tricks to get better performance from the vivo Y21 are not difficult to employ. Rather, every user should be aware of these tips to avoid getting flustered every time they find their phone acting up. Follow these tricks to get the best performance out of your vivo mobiles below 15,000 INR.

1) Update the OS: The best part about updating the OS of any phone is that the phone is formatted and has another fresh life to perform. The trick also removes any issues that the phone might have suffered during the previous sessions. Any bug that might be causing problems will be duly removed with the application of this trick. The effect of malware and bloatware is also cancelled out with this trick. Additionally, you get a fresh look on your phone and the device can perform additional tasks owing to the renewed vigour from the update. Update the OS on your vivo Y21 and see the phone performing faster, connecting better, and having better stability than before.

2) Stop Syncing: Before you get worked up, let’s make it clear that this is not about Gmail sync. The sync app on your vivo Y21 keeps you connected to all the Google apps and thus is responsible for depleting battery life. Since you are connected to these apps in real-time, the phone pops notifications with every update. This function requires constant cooperation from the processor and thus can negatively impact performance.

3) Get Rid of Unwanted Apps: Many people keep certain apps that they do not even know the use of on their phones. Sometimes, they download it unknowingly or click on malicious links that surreptitiously install these apps as an add-on. Not only do these apps degrade the performance of the phone, but are possible chinks in the security armour of the phone. In other words, only install apps that you trust if you do not want sensitive information on your phone to be compromised.

4) Get a Good Memory Card: If you use a memory card, make sure they support high-speed functions and stay on the same page with the rest of the storage. Ensure that the processor has less pressure to handle constantly checking functions and thus slowing down operations.

5) Update the Apps Regularly: Some people refrain from updating their apps because they have limited space on their phones. They do not realize that not updating their apps can cause a lot of issues. Firstly, bugs will not be fixed without installing regular updates. This will in turn make the phone slow. Additionally, not opting for updates can also jeopardize the security level of the phone. Thus, if you have limited space, get rid of apps that you do not use or find another workaround rather than skipping updates.

6) Disable Battery Draining Apps: If you still do not know about the battery draining apps on your vivo phones under 15,000 INR, you have not been listening. Android devices regularly alert users on apps that affect the run time of the battery. Spot these apps and make sure you disable them or keep them on sleep mode when you are not using them. You will be amazed to see the difference this simple trick can make to the phone’s performance.

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