ZTE Unveils UC&C Solution for Enterprise Community

ZTE Corporation, an international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has unveiled its new Unified Communication & Collaboration solution (UC&C), a transformative software-based video conferencing technology designed to help enterprises harness the power of mobility.

ZTE’s UC&C is an end-to-end solution that delivers cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration services for end users anywhere, anytime, supporting different devices and endpoints includingsoftware based MCU (multipoint control units), ET series endpoints, mobile applications and desktop clients. The next-generation UC&C solution, designed for enterprises and operators, was debuted by ZTE at the Integrated Systems Europe 2015 (ISE) exposition in Amsterdam.

TheCloud Conferencing Manager (CCM1000) is a software-based MCU that delivers high-definition and large capacity video conferencing capabilities, enabling s fast and flexible distributed deployment and providing support for virtualized platforms. With the CCM1000, customers require only 10 minutes to install the system and start video conferencing calls.

The new ET501 is the latest next-generation smart terminal in ZTE’s video conferencing product portfolio, offering cost efficiency, compact design, and simple and quick deployment to all the end users. The ET501 also supports WiFi and AP functions, making it ideal for small to medium size enterprises (SMEs). ZTE’s VT100 mobile and desktop products can be installed on devices with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems, supporting high-quality video conferencing for teleworkers in remote locations.

“We are delighted to showcase ZTE’s innovative UCC solution and other next-generation communication and collaboration tools at the ISE,” said Qian Min, General Manager of UC&C Products at ZTE. “As a provider of innovative, secure and high-quality ICT solutions, ZTE is committed to delivering enterprises in Europe with access to the most advanced technologies, driving increased business productivity and efficiencies.”

With the wide availability of smart devices, and accelerating deployment of 4G networks globally, mobile office and collaboration applications can help companies drive increased productivity and business efficiencies. ZTE’s mobile office collaboration products integrate data, voice, and video technologies to help enterprises evolve from isolated to integrated communications, and help users with more intuitive sharing and collaboration.