ZTE Debuts the Next-gen Mesh CDN Solution for Telecoms


ZTE Corporation has unveiled its next-gen Mesh CDN solution based on its integrated CDN solution to meet the requirements and trends of OTT development, especially decentralized content distribution.

For traditional CDN solutions, the requirement to address different services leads to high cost and difficult maintenance. ZTE took the lead to provide an integrated CDN solution to achieve convergence of services, scheduling and management, reducing investment and improving operation and maintenance efficiency.

With the emergence of new services such as UGC / OGC , contents could be generated anytime anywhere in different formats. Therefore, contents have become decentralized, and existing CDN networks are confronted with new challenges.

Based on traditional CDN solution, once local contents are generated, contents will first be sent back to the original CDN and then the original CDN will process and package the contents and deliver them to end users, which usually results in  high bandwidth consumption and low delivery efficiency.

Based on the integrated CDN, ZTE takes the lead to introduce the next-generation Mesh CDN architecture, in which each CDN node can directly process and distribute local content. Mesh CDN comes up with new requirements for the CDN architecture, single-node processing capability and unified scheduling across the entire network.

To address the new requirements, ZTE introduces the new CDN product with high throughput capability, which can coordinate with the MEC node to enhance local content processing capabilities. ZTE also adopts AI technology to optimize the entire network scheduling strategy to enhance user experience. With the next-gen Mesh CDN solution, ZTE will help operators develop video services rapidly, especially UGC and OGC services.

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