Wyoming ISP Mountain West Taps RADWIN JET PtMP to Drive Wireless Broadband


Wyoming ISP Mountain West, which has 80% of the coverage of the wireless customers in the areas it services, has deployed RADWIN’s JET Point-to-Multipoint systems to serve hundreds of residential and business customers and deliver next generation-ready connectivity.

Mountain West is a long-standing RADWIN customer who have been using RADWIN’s solutions since 2009, and started deploying RADWIN JET Bi-Beam systems to enhance coverage in Wyoming and outlying states.

Tim Meads, Network Operations Supervisor, Mountain West: “We’re using a mix of wireless equipment in our network but what’s become apparently clear is that RADWIN’s JET gear is simply exceptional. With JET we’re delivering service packages of up to 80Mbps with SLAs to businesses and up to 50 Mbps to homes, enabling our customers to enjoy fast internet browsing, seamless video streaming and gaming applications that require low latency.”

Concluded Meads: “Total investment ends up being cheaper with RADWIN because when we install JET PtMP gear we never have to revisit the systems again, whereas with other vendor equipment we’ve had to revisit customers every 6-8 months because of performance issues or purchase new radios and re-hang them. JET PtMP are extra durable and withstand the toughest weather conditions. It’s not abnormal for the region to experience hurricane-style winds and in the winter temperatures drop to -30°F /-35°C, but RADWIN’s radios operate without skipping a beat. Ever since we’ve connected customers over the JET PtMP platform we’ve heard nothing but great feedback, and this positive word- of-mouth is driving a lot of new business our way.”

Dennis Stipati, GM North America, RADWIN: “JET is a carrier-grade PtMP solution that service providers can count on for the long-haul to provide fiber-like service. JET’s Bi-Beam Beamforming technology cuts through interference to deliver the high capacity it promises to deliver, which is why many service providers are replacing their legacy equipment with JET.”

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