What 5G could mean for the future of online casino gaming

5G Gaming

The gradual roll-out of 5G technology brings with it incredible possibilities for the future of business, communication and entertainment. Faster and more secure connections will enable operators that engage with users on mobile devices to rethink how those connections work.

It’s no surprise that the introduction of 5G has been so warmly received by network operators and phone manufacturers during the last 12 months. Especially after seeing the advantages it offers over the 3G and 4G technology.

We will discuss how this technology will be put to use by operators in the online casino gaming sector. Perhaps more than any other sector, the gambling industry has been at the forefront of new innovation, so it will be illuminating to speculate how it could capitalise on the possibilities of 5G.

Live video

Online casino gaming platforms offer a range of experiences to players, from casual, carefree games to immersive, intense environments. While a bingo scratch card can provide quick-fire entertainment on the go, games of online poker are often much longer-form and demand a bigger mental investment. By having both categories, games can be more straightforward by 5G technology. This is easily fast enough to deliver 4K video and sharp, vivid graphics. Scratch cards can be generated instantly, while live video will not sap as much data.

And with a growing number of players demanding a more authentic experience, the introduction of 5G will enable developers to deliver it. It will also help to bridge the gap between land-based casinos and digital destinations.

Augmented reality

Another key innovation that has been trialled by online casino operators is augmented reality, once again to help deliver a more immersive experience to players. The technology can surround a player in their game, either through the handset’s screen or a separate headset.

Augmented reality is already a major part of console gaming, with Sony and Microsoft both developing their own products to complement their flagship PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Other like Oculus has produced its own line of specialised AR devices. 5G technology will make it much simpler for casino operators to deliver augmented reality to players and faster data transfer possibilities make it easier to build a vivid casino environment for the player. This can be anything whether it’s a life-size roulette wheel or poker game on your dinner table.

Casino integration

We have discussed how 5G technology will help enhance land-based casinos and online platforms through the use of augmented reality. 5G could also help to integrate the experience by connecting physical and digital accounts.

For example, a player who opens an account in Vegas could feasibly continue the action at home, continuing from where they left off with the same amount of chips. Creating this link between the two sub-sectors could catalyse further growth for the sector.

As you can see, the possibilities presented by 5G are potentially huge for operators in the online casino sector. And although the benefits are significant across the digital marketplace, it’ll perhaps be most fascinating to see how the technology is harnessed in this industry.

Picture Source: Pexels