Ways to Use the Internet to Find the Right Study Materials


The internet is a vast and rich world of content. However, discovering what you are looking for is not always easy. If you are a student, you may already know that getting the right study materials can be met with great obstacles. You might find yourself surfing through endless numbers of sites online, barely finding the information you are looking for. Often, you find that the content is either of poor quality or it is just not relevant. However, as highlighted below, there are certain tactics that you can use to get correct and relevant study materials.

Your School’s Online Library

These days, colleges are making it easier for their students to find books and study guides. There are two ways in which they are doing that. The first way is to avail soft-copy books, which students can access online or download to their devices. The second way is to tell students about the availability of certain books in the school’s physical library and to allow them to borrow the books by filling a web form.

Buying Books Online

Gone are the days when you had to travel to the library to purchase the book. Nowadays, there is a large selection of sites on the internet where you can buy books, which are shipped to you wherever you are. Some popular places include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Valore Books. Here, you can purchase both new and used books at affordable prices. Another trick is to buy a Kindle device from Amazon and then purchase soft copy books, which you can access conveniently on your Kindle.

Asking for Recommendations

One of the most valuable ways to gain access to study materials and even past examination papers and answers is to ask your classmates and friends for help. You will be surprised how much help you can get from them. Something else you might want to try is to ask for recommendations online. Join forums on sites like Reddit and Quora related to your area of study or career and link up with people who can offer valuable help.

You should also consider following YouTube channels dedicated to your course, as they too might come in helpful. If you can find a good essay writer, they can help you complete not only your homework but also find useful study materials. When looking for information on forums and YouTube, a targeted search is extremely important. Do not just look for general information but type the specific phrases that will help you get correct information without wasting time.

Electronic Libraries

Aside from your school’s online library, you could also benefit from the web’s electronic libraries. Electronic libraries’ good thing is that they are vast, with hundreds of thousands, even millions of academic books. Moreover, they offer you materials for all courses.

Other than books, electronic resources also contain a wide range of other items, including articles, magazines, dictionaries, images, videos, lecture notes, and more, which you can download. Some of the materials are free, and some are available to you at a small fee.

The World Digital Library is one of the most reliable platforms you can rely on for study materials. It is a large pool of maps, films, manuscripts, rare books, and other resources you might find useful. Other platforms worth trying include Google Books, the Universal Digital Library, Bartleby, and more.

Talking to the Author

Perhaps you have done a thorough search for a certain book or article with no luck. In that case, trying to contact the author directly may be a viable last resort. Search the author’s name and see if they have a homepage. If they have one, see if there is a contact page and reach the author directly using the provided email address. If you talk to them nicely, they might be willing to send you a copy of the book or article.

An effective study depends on getting the right information, which is high-quality and relevant. While that seems inexorably difficult for most students, the methods described above are effective. Importantly, get to know and connect with your academic peers, especially on the internet. When someone discovers a new trick to find study resources, the information will be helpful to you. Also, be sure to follow lecturers and academics in your course. The lecture notes, course outlines, and other bits of information they issue will go a long way into helping you succeed.