Telia, Ericsson transforming Nordics and Baltics with 5G alliance

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Telia and Ericsson has revealed plans that will see next-generation 5G networks deployed across Sweden and Estonia by 2025.

Telia and Ericsson have been delivering secure, fast and reliable wireless network coverage to the Nordics – and beyond – since the dawn of the mobile era. The partners are already deploying 5G across Norway, where Ericsson is also Telia’s exclusive technology partner.

Today’s deal will modernize the existing 4G networks across Sweden and Estonia to establish fast, ultra-high capacity 5G across a network of 10,000 cellular sites in an area of more than 500,000sq km.

Thanks to rapid technology deployment by Ericsson and Telia field professionals, Telia subscribers and enterprise customers will soon enjoy the unparalleled benefits of 5G. The benefits of 5G will also reach industry, including capabilities such as automation in manufacturing and utilizing the Internet of Things for better efficiency and sustainability. The project will also provide a welcome stimulus to the economies in the post-Covid era.

Speaking to investors and media at both companies’ third-quarter results in Stockholm this morning, Company CEOs Allison Kirby (Telia) and Börje Ekholm (Ericsson) outlined their vision for the 5G future.

Allison Kirkby, President and CEO, Telia Company, says: “Our networks have never been more important to life and livelihoods and they are the foundation of a thriving digital economy, with innovation, sustainability and security at their core. With today’s agreement, we have the foundation in place to develop the most trusted and reliable 5G networks in the Nordics and the Baltics. It is also the start of a multiyear investment in our networks, ramping up fully in 2021.

“The partnership is truly ‘Made in Sweden’ since we have a long, innovative relationship with Ericsson. Together we have pioneered and enabled communication between people and businesses for decades. One such example is the 5G-powered self-driving electrical bus launched a few weeks ago in Stockholm.”

Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, Ericsson, says: “The full realization of 5G’s potential begins with the network. With that in place the true power to innovate, explore and experience the world through 5G becomes possible. The next global game changing network application may well be invented by a tech start-up or developer using a Telia 5G network, leveraging Ericsson technology. We share an ambition with Telia to create a better-connected world with a more sustainable future in which the Nordic and Baltic countries play a powerful part.”

Ericsson and Telia have worked closely on 5G development in the region, partnering as far back as 2016 on tests and trials. The companies have also joined forces with other industry and academic leaders to develop 5G use cases such as self-driving trucks, a driverless ferry trial in Norway and trialling a 5G-enabled driverless electric minibus in Stockholm. This year, the partners have launched commercial 5G in Norway and Sweden.

As a critical national infrastructure, 5G is a catalyst to drive the digital economy across nations of all sizes. As an unmatched innovation platform, it provides new opportunities for society ranging from immersive entertainment to automated transport, with industries benefiting from efficient and sustainable business solutions.

Investment in 5G will also support economic recovery. According to the 5G Action Plan for Europe report by Analysys Mason, 5G-enabled digital transformation will deliver EUR 161 billion in net benefit across Europe, with Sweden netting EUR 4,347million and Estonia EUR 391 million.