Nexign Signs TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture Manifesto

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Nexign (a part of ICS Holding LLC), a Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, has signed TM Forum’s Open API and Open Digital Architecture (ODA) Manifesto.

Nexign will enrich its development and integration process with the Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) principles helping to harmonise existing and prospective customers’ IT landscape.

TM Forum’s ODA replaces traditional operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) with a new approach to building software for the telecoms industry, opening a market for standardized software components, and enabling communication service providers and suppliers to invest in IT for new and differentiated services instead of maintenance and integration.

The Open API and Open Digital Architecture Manifesto is a logical continuation of the earlier Open API Manifesto which paved the way for the industry to rethink how to design, build and operate the systems required to deliver the operating agility, cost base and customer experience required to successfully monetize 5G and thrive in the 2020s.

Nexign has supported TM Forum’s Open API principles for more than five years and continues following major industry standards by committing to the ODA principles that define telco industry today. Specifically, Nexign agrees to publicly endorse and follow the ODA, contribute to the continuous evolution of this architecture and build and market products that support the ODA.

“As an active TM Forum member, Nexign sees ODA as an opportunity to win new markets, harmonise the customers’ IT landscape and develop its solutions according to the needs of CSPs to help them stay ahead of competition and ensure continuous growth. We appreciate TM Forum’s effort to create a set of common rules for BSS and other software systems and are happy to be a part of this process,” said Michael Matyishin, CTO of Nexign.

“In signing the manifesto, TM Forum members such as Nexign are transforming IT and operations to be fit for the 2020s,” said George Glass, CTO, TM Forum. “The momentum building to collaboratively deliver the Open Digital Architecture is the software market foundation our industry deserves, instead of sinking resources into maintenance and integration of customized legacy solutions that are blocking agility and innovation.”

Nexign is among the first 42 organizations worldwide committed to Open Digital Architecture guiding principles, and one of the first BSS providers of Eastern European origin to commit to the manifesto.

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