Vodafone unveils Business Evolve flexible mobile plans for SMEs

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With Business Evolve, small and medium-sized businesses get more choice in one complete plan than ever before.

Vodafone has launched Business Evolve – a new set of flexible mobile plans for small and medium-sized businesses (10 –150 employees), offering more choice in one complete plan than ever before.

Business Evolve is the latest plan launched by Vodafone to address the challenges faced specifically by SMEs in the UK today.

Business Evolve enables business customers to tailor their mobile plans, ensuring they only pay for what they need.

Choose how you use data – select from individual data bundles or share a data pool across your business.

Choose how you buy devices – spread the cost of your devices over the term of the contract or set up a tech fund to dip into whenever a new device is needed.

Add new lines when needed – ensure you can grow as your business grows.

Add or take away extra data bundles – be flexible as your situation changes.

Choose from 12-month, 24-month and 36-month options – choose the payment plan that fits your needs.

Choose inclusive international minutes – essential for keeping in touch with your customers and suppliers while travel remains so limited.

Business Evolve’s Data+ feature also ensures businesses never need to worry about running out of data in the UK or Europe – if the allowance is exceeded, you can remain online with data speeds up to 2Mbps.

There are four 5G-ready plans available on Business Evolve which all include unlimited voice calls and texts in the UK:

Business Voice – includes unlimited calls and texts for only £10 a month.

Business Starter – includes unlimited calls and texts, MMS and a choice of 2GB, 6GB, 12GB or 25GB of data, starting at just £15 a month.

Business Pro – receive unlimited data, calls and texts for only £25 a month.

Business Data – data-only plans, with an allowance that can then be pooled across your team so additional data is always readily available should you require it, starting at £17.50 a month.

Anne Sheehan, Business Director, Vodafone UK said: “We have designed Business Evolve specifically for SMEs, giving them as much flexibility and control over their mobile plans as possible. We know SMEs are having to rapidly adapt their ways of working thanks to the pandemic and the rise in remote working. And we know the future is uncertain. These plans give them the flexibility to adapt to whatever’s next.”