Vodafone, Quantexa partner to elevate experience for businesses


Vodafone has entered into a partnership with Quantexa, a decision intelligence technology provider, in a first for the UK telecoms industry.

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform, deployed on Vodafone’s new Google Cloud environment, will help Vodafone unite and use data from their systems to create a better understanding of business customers.

The platform will provide a single view of all the interactions a customer has with Vodafone and the products and services they have bought. It will help Vodafone’s customer teams to engage with businesses in a timely and effective way.

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The partnership builds on Vodafone’s existing relationship with Quantexa who joined Tomorrow Street – a joint-venture between Vodafone and the Luxembourg Government that links scale-ups, corporate partners, and Vodafone teams to accelerate the use of leading-edge technology and grow new business opportunities. The new platform will initially focus on small-to-medium business customers before extending to include small office/home office and large business customers over the coming months.

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Nick Gliddon, UK Business Director, Vodafone, said: “We are delighted to be using Quantexa’s state-of-the-art decision intelligence platform to ensure we are maximising the value of data, making the best decisions for our customers, and improving the services we offer.

“As a technology communications company, we recognise the importance of working with innovative companies in emerging technology categories, like Quantexa. Vodafone’s Tomorrow Street initiative to identify and accelerate innovation is an exciting programme that we are delighted to work with.”

Vishal Marria, CEO, Quantexa, said “I’m thrilled that our decision intelligence platform is helping Vodafone transform the experience for its business customers. This is the culmination of a partnership between Quantexa, Tomorrow Street and many areas of Vodafone.

“I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together in what has been, and will continue to be, a fantastic collaboration. This is such an important milestone for Quantexa as we expand the business into new industry verticals.”

Miryem Salah, UK Chief Data Officer, Vodafone said “It is vital that we ensure we’ve got the systems, tools and the data that together join the dots and make sure that we can get the full contextual picture of our customers. The use of AI is a step change in understanding our customers and is key for our strategic focus on best-in-class customer experience. ”

Quantexa is a global data and analytics software company pioneering Contextual Decision Intelligence that empowers organisations to make trusted operational decisions by making data meaningful.

Using the latest advancements in big data and AI, Quantexa’s platform uncovers hidden risk and new opportunities by providing a contextual, connected view of internal and external data in a single place. It solves major challenges across data management, KYC [Know Your Customer], customer intelligence, financial crime, risk, fraud, and security, throughout the customer lifecycle.