How Swisscom is Driving 5G FWA for Business


With 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access), Swisscom business customers can now install a fixed Internet connection for their business sites using mobile technology.

This enables business customers without Internet access to integrate one or more sites very simply into the office network using 5G FWA. Swisscom is therefore making even more customers ready for the fastest Internet.

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The solution works for remote buildings not covered by the standard network expansion and temporary business locations without a fixed network connection. 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) uses mobile technology to connect to the super-fast ultra-broadband network and replaces fixed network Internet access. Friederike Hoffmann, Head of Connected Business Solutions at Swisscom says: “5G FWA offers great potential for our business customers. They can use it to benefit from the fastest Internet at their sites and be ready to make full use of all services.”

Thanks to Swisscom’s innovative “Enterprise Connect” network solution, customers without a fibre or copper connection can easily integrate one or more business locations into their office networking via 5G FWA. This makes Swisscom the only provider in Switzerland to offer its customers cloud-based networking of business locations with a fixed wireless access solution via 5G. Swisscom uses FWA to extend the fixed network infrastructure and thus increase the availability of ultra-fast broadband. However, the 5G FWA solution is also capable of much more and can also be used as a 5G mobile backup (failover). With the Internet connection provided via a fibre optic or copper connection, 5G FWA acts as a failover, with the additional security of a mobile network connection.

Simple to use on Switzerland’s best 5G network
5G FWA requires mobile coverage with 5G or 4G. Swisscom‘s 5G network, which has been named the best in Switzerland on multiple occasions, is available to 99% of the population. The faster 5G+ version is currently accessible to more than 70% of Switzerland. Setting up 5G FWA requires a small receiver – the 5G Mobile Toolkit from Nokia – which is mounted on the outside of the building. The toolkit connects with the mobile communication mast to provide wireless access to the Swisscom network. Business customers can use 5G FWA with Enterprise Connect as 5G Mobile Access or as a 5G Mobile Backup option. With 5G FWA, our customers are ready for the many opportunities available in a connected world.