Verizon, followed by AT&T, delivering best download speeds in America

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A study of United States’ mobile performance has revealed that Verizon mobile customers get the best overall download speeds across the United States, followed by AT&T based on typical, day-to-day usage.

The study, published by Tutela, the crowdsourced mobile data company, analysed over 11 billion measurements, including close to 1 million mobile network speed tests, during April.

The results showed Verizon users received an average download speed, during a typical-activity network test of 21 Mbps followed by AT&T at 14Mbps, T-Mobile at 11.75 and Sprint at 8.51Mbps on average, across the country.

Tutela tests mobile networks in a way that represents the day-to-day usage and experience of real-world mobile users. The methodology and configuration simulate typical user mobile behaviour, such as accessing websites or downloading and sending images, rather than the more traditional testing of mobile network speeds, which have been based upon maximum potential speeds for mobile networks under optimum test conditions.

The report, which is available as a complimentary download from Tutela’s website, also reveals that users on the T-Mobile network are experiencing the fastest upload speeds across 4G, closely followed by Verizon and AT&T, with Sprint lagging far behind.

Tom Luke, Vice President, Tutela, said: “There is understandably a lot of interest in the industry about network speeds, with operators wanting to be the fastest, however the focus is often on the “peak speed” results taken under optimum test conditions, something very few end-users experience in the real world.”

“Our results are based upon the network performance users experience on a day-to-day basis, when carrying out typical activities. With this in mind, our results show Verizon and AT&T providing the fastest down speed, with T-Mobile leading in terms of upload performance.”

Tutela does not collect any personal data and all results shown in Tutela’s reports are aggregated. This protects the device owner’s privacy, and ensures compliance with international data protection and privacy laws.