How Swisscom is paving the way for an era of Internet of Things

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Swisscom paves the way for the Internet of Things: from now on, it will be simple and cost-effective for customers to add additional devices that have a SIM card to their existing mobile subscription.

In addition, inOne mobile now offers more roaming, more services and even more speed.

It is estimated that in a few years’ time, more than 100 million devices will be connected to the mobile network in Switzerland. This revolution doesn’t just involve smartphones, tablets and laptops; it also encompasses cars, bikes, household appliances, watches, cameras, headphones and smart trackers. Many devices are already indirectly connected to the network, via Bluetooth and smartphones, or through WLAN. Connecting devices directly to the mobile network makes them more autonomous and extends their range of applications: headphones can connect straight to streaming services, holiday homes can be protected without WLAN or power consuming electricity using cameras, and fitness trackers enable you to take part in real-time virtual competitions.

That’s why Swisscom started making it easier to add further devices to an existing subscription last year. The service is based on the chosen subscription, which predefines the maximum speed available. Additional devices can make use of the inclusive roaming allowance. But our multi-device option has been greatly simplified and is significantly cheaper because the service now differentiates between the type of connected device. A tracker or a sensor (such as a temperature probe or a security sensor) requires no more than 0.4 Mbit/s speed and therefore costs only CHF 3 per month. Smart watches and other wearables need 1 Mbit/s and cost CHF 5 per month. Tablets and additional smartphones get the top speed included in the package and cost CHF 10 per month as before. With inOne mobile L, customers get 2 more maximum bandwidth connections for their additional devices, while inOne mobile XL subscribers now have 3. These are included at no extra cost as part of the subscription. “It’s not only unnecessary for each device to have a separate subscription, it is also significantly cheaper not to. We perform very well in price comparisons, especially for customers with several devices. In the future, having several devices per customer will tend to be the rule rather than the exception,” says Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Products & Marketing and member of Swisscom Group Executive Board.

Swisscom is also breaking new ground when it comes to SIM card activation: the SIM card can either be inserted manually or stored as an eSIM in the online Customer Center. Dirk Wierzbitzki: “The Internet of Things has left the lab and is now becoming a reality. And what’s more — it’s going to be the Next Big Thing. But it will only take off if it is uncompromisingly easy to use.”

New network under construction for further applications

Swisscom is also getting ready for the latest surge of developments in the field of network technologies. The second half of the year will see the “LTE Cat M1” and “LTE Cat NB” standards being rolled out, which are based on the 4G mobile network. “Their names might be somewhat unwieldy, but these standards will bring huge benefits to everyday life. That’s because the technology makes it more convenient for residential customers to use a wider range of wireless devices. Devices can be used for weeks or even years on end with just one charge of the battery,” explains Dirk Wierzbitzki.

inOne mobile: all customers now get more for the same price

Whether you have additional devices, whether you’re new to Swisscom or a long-standing loyal customer — Swisscom has significantly enhanced the benefits of inOne mobile subscriptions for everyone: all inOne mobile S and inOne mobile light subscribers can now browse the Internet at up to 30 Mbit/s (50% higher maximum speed). inOne mobile XS subscribers now have up to 5 Mbit/s (150% higher maximum speed). And customers with unlimited speed (inOne mobile M, L and XL) can now enjoy faster surfing speeds, too. That’s because Swisscom is extending the maximum bandwidth available to 700 Mbit/s (maximum speed available under optimum conditions).

The inclusive roaming allowance is also being extended: on top of carefree surfing, texting and calls throughout Europe, inOne mobile M, L and XL customers now have twice as much data thanbefore, amounting to 6,24 or 48 GB per year respectively. The inOne mobile S roaming allowance has been increased to 3 GB (+50%). Furthermore, inOne mobile XL customers now have a premium services package included in their subscription at no extra cost. It includes an express repair service, Europe-wide mobile phone replacements, free setup for new devices and discounts if you purchase a new device six months before your contract expires.

There is also a new feature specifically designed for SME customers, giving them free access to 150 co-working spaces throughout Switzerland for 10 hours per year.