US Electrodynamics Enhances Network with Ciena Packet Technology

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US Electrodynamics, Inc. (USEI), a satellite and telecommunications company headquartered in Washington State that operates teleports in both Brewster, Washington and Vernon Valley, New Jersey, selected Ciena’s (NYSE: CIEN) packet networking portfolio to upgrade its network to a 100G backbone.

USEI’s customer growth and demand necessitates an expansion from its current national 10G network. By building its own dedicated terrestrial network, USEI brings capacity closer to the network edge, enabling its customers to scale bandwidth in near real-time providing enhanced service levels. Implementing this network enables USEI to reduce or eliminate long terrestrial lead times from impacting service delivery.

As USEI supports a variety of customers across the broadcast, aviation, maritime and government sectors, the Washington State-based company needed a packet networking solution to increase its bandwidth options and meet different network requirements. By integrating Ciena’s 5170 Service Aggregation Switch, USEI’s network will have the flexibility to scale and satisfy its customers’ growing bandwidth demands.

Additionally, with Ciena’s 5170 Service Aggregation Switch, USEI will increase its network port density using less space. New scaling capabilities also gives USEI the ability to configure circuits to its customers’ network requirements enabling higher cost efficiencies. End-to-end testing will be conducted to prove circuit configuration and connectivity through the 5170 Service Aggregation Switch.

An important differentiator for USEI is the service deployment velocity enabled by Ciena’s zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) characteristics. This allows USEI to automate the rapid deployment of new packet-based services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

“This USEI network upgrade to support 100G is central to our ability in staying ahead of today’s customer requirements while in parallel, building a network that supports the latest advantages of data science and data transport utilizing machine learning and deep learning to enable a better future of the highest speed networks, from very small to very big,” explained, Jim Veeder, Chief Executive Officer and USEI Owner.

“Scalability and flexibility are paramount for today’s networks to meet fluctuating capacity demands and requirements. Ciena’s packet networking portfolio brings a great advantage for USEI to upgrade its network to 100G at an affordable cost, while delivering an optimized user experience for customers,” said, Bruce Hembree, Vice President and General Manager of North America Sales, Ciena.