Telkomsigma Picks Synchronoss Cloud for Integration in Indonesian Universities


Synchronoss Technologies, Inc., a global enabler and innovator of cloud, messaging and digital solutions, has announced its partnership with Telkomsigma, the IT arm of Telkom Indonesia Group, to deliver the Synchronoss Personal Cloud Solution to Indonesian universities.

The Telkom Community Cloud will be offered to students at 25 universities as a tool to securely store, share and transfer academic documents with their professors, school groups and peers.

Cloud Innovation

The Synchronoss Personal Cloud solution will run on top of FLOU, Telkomsigma’s multi-cloud platform. First-year students at selected universities will be able to join the new cloud solution beginning in September, expanding to thousands of additional students phased in over the next three years. At the end of the three-year onboarding process, 450,000 students are expected to have access to the new Synchronoss-powered personal cloud solution.

Students also will have the option to continue using a paid version of the same solution after they graduate, providing them the ability to access, store and share their academic files, photos, videos and other personal content long after they have left their educational institutions.

“We are excited to be partnering with Synchronoss to offer Indonesian universities a personal cloud solution that meets the needs of both students and faculty,” said M Hassan Salman, EVP Telkomsigma. “Whether they are attending in-person classes or taking advantage of remote learning, students are generating and sharing massive amounts of data with their peers and their professors, and must be confident that their content is protected as well as available when needed. The Telkomsigma Community Cloud and its ability to keep those files both accessible and secure will provide a valuable service for students today as well as in the future once they’ve finished their studies.”

In addition to giving university users access to their content anywhere and anytime and the ability to easily share that content with others, the automatic backup capabilities of the Telkomsigma Community Cloud also protects students from the loss of data due to hardware failure. And unlike other cloud solutions on the market, the Synchronoss-powered personal cloud allows student data to be stored in-country, a critical requirement for Telkomsigma to adhere to Indonesian law.

Anthony Socci, President, Synchronoss International, said the value of the new Telkomsigma partnership extends beyond the importance of providing hundreds of thousands of university students with an easily accessible, university-delivered personal cloud. “Academic institutions are increasingly looking to provide personal cloud solutions to their students and staff as the magnitude of digital content created and shared increases dramatically. As Telkomsigma has found, the Synchronoss Personal Cloud Solution is able to meet the unique needs of the academic sector – including the flexibility to quickly add new services or offering the trust and security to adhere to local data privacy regulations. We are excited to see how our partnership with Telkomsigma opens the door to additional collaborations with other educational organizations.”

Synchronoss’ personal cloud solutions have been adopted by mobile operators and other companies, including insurance providers, across the globe to deliver a high level of value to their customers and to drive new revenue.