Synchronoss Renews Contract with Verizon for Personal Cloud Platform

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Synchronoss Technologies, Inc., a global enabler and innovator of cloud, messaging, digital and IoT platforms, has secured a renewal to its agreement to provide Verizon with its White-Label Personal Cloud Platform.

The deal will enable Verizon to provide secure, easy-to-use cloud storage for customers and safely protect their valuable personal digital content, including photos, videos and messages.

“We are thrilled to further extend our long-standing relationship with Verizon to help deliver a successful, much-desired personal cloud service to its customers for many years to come,” said Glenn Lurie, President and CEO at Synchronoss. “Today’s devices are a key repository for much of our digital content, from family photos and videos to contacts, documents, text messages and more.”

Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice President and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, added, “Our subscribers have a high level of trust and confidence in our ability to protect their privacy, safeguard their information while also providing them access to their personal data whenever and wherever they want it. Our partnership with Synchronoss helps us to continue to meet those needs through the feature-rich Verizon Cloud that backs up and syncs content among multiple devices.”

The White-Label Synchronoss Personal Cloud Platform includes the ability to automatically set content backup based on a subscriber’s personal preferences, as well as tag and search content for quick and easy access, view photos in flashback or story format, and share and print customizable albums to be enjoyed with friends and family. The new agreement also will give Verizon the ability to extend its personal cloud offering into other areas of subscribers’ daily lives, including backup and protection of other types of data and other devices.

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