Telkomsel, Zoom Collaborate to Enable ‘CloudX Meeting 2.0’


As the digital telecommunication company in Indonesia, Telkomsel continues to develop initiatives to meet the digital activity needs of its customers, including the corporate customer segment through continuous improvement in the products and services of the Telkomsel Enterprise business unit.

This development step is now being realized by Telkomsel Enterprise by collaborating with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom) to improve the features of the CloudX Meeting service, which continues to present the latest innovations to enhance a more comprehensive corporate video conferencing experience.

Senior Vice President Enterprise Account Management Telkomsel Dharma Simorangkir said, “Most of the corporate sector is still implementing work from home (WFH) as a way to adapt to new habits during the ongoing pandemic, this makes virtual meeting activities one of the supporting corporate operations. the most dominant is used to ensure work productivity is maintained. In addition, video conferencing applications have changed the way people collaborate and innovate. Therefore, the Telkomsel Enterprise business unit continues to strive to meet these needs by collaborating with Zoom, a leading video conferencing platform to improve the CloudX Meeting experience, by adopting a number of superior features that will improve the customer experience when conducting video conferencing.”

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with Telkomsel, which has joined the ISV Partner Program to improve the CloudX Meeting user experience,” said Ricky Kapur, Head of APAC Zoom. “The Zoom Developer Platform has strengthened the Zoom ecosystem to suit the needs and workflows of its users. Zoom’s ISV program is specifically focused on this type of integration to empower and grow our ecosystem. Telkomsel has succeeded in transforming the way its users access and use technology, build new business models, and bring new types of users to this platform. Telkomsel’s leadership with the CloudX platform proves their ability to build a seamless, convenient and personalized experience for every user. Our team is very happy to be partnering with Telkomsel and we hope this collaboration can give satisfaction to our customers.”

Through this collaboration, there are a number of excellent features that are presented in CloudX Meeting 2.0, including the Live Streaming to Social Media feature that allows users to easily broadcast ongoing meetings to social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Then Unlimited Cloud Recording allows users to store more meeting recordings in cloud storage with capacities starting from 10GB. Then, the Attendance Report feature helps users find out a summary of the attendance of the meeting participants. There is also a Corporate Branding feature, which makes it easy for users to create links and email meeting templates according to the company’s brand; as well as increasing the maximum number of participants to reach 500 participants.

CloudX and Zoom Collaboration: Telkomsel Enterprise collaborates with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom) launched CloudX Meeting 2.0 which offers a variety of features to support a more sophisticated video conferencing experience, such as Live Streaming to Social Media, Unlimited Cloud Recording, Attendance Report, Corporate Branding, and additional participant capacity of up to 500 participants.

“These additional features allow CloudX Meeting 2.0 to become a communication tool that can increase the effectiveness of corporate operational communications to employee collaboration, but also opens up wider opportunities and opportunities in optimizing collaboration through integrated communication channels. We also hope that the development of CloudX Meeting 2.0 can further help the corporate customer segment, government agencies, and SMEs to continue to increase productivity through more effective and efficient work processes through the use of digital technology,” concluded Dharma.