Telia Deploys Contactless Payment Ticketing Service for Skånetrafiken in the Nordics

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Skåne’s public transport operator Skånetrafiken is making it easier for its customers to buy onboard tickets by using ‘Blippa’ in their new contactless payment ticketing service.

This enables passengers to purchase a ticket simply by holding their existing bank card against the ticket reader rather than needing a dedicated bus card. The onboard ticketing system and solution are part of Telia’s Smart Public Transport offering.

Skånetrafiken is the first public transport authority in the Nordics to introduce the system which is being rolled out to its city buses in Skåne, Sweden, during December 2019 and January 2020.

“We are proud to be part of Skånetrafiken’s ongoing efforts to make public transport easier and more attractive,” says Björn Hansen, Head of IoT at Telia Divison X. “Every person we can encourage to take the bus instead of the car, by making public transport easier, reduces the congestion in our cities and the CO2 emitted into our environment. ‘Blippa’ is the next generation of tap-n-ride ticketing that is supported by our onboard ticketing and connectivity platform and lays the foundations to prepare Skånetrafiken for the introduction of a national ticketing system in Sweden.”