Tele2 upgrades 5G services in 30 Swedish locations

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Tele2‘s and Telenor’s joint network company secured important spectrum in the Swedish spectrum auction. The spectrum is activated today and Tele2 can therefor provide its customers with real 5G, with speeds of over 1 Gbit/s, in more than 30 Swedish cities.

Tele2 was the first to launch 5G in Sweden and was for a long time the only operator that could provide connectivity with real 5G speeds of over 1 Gbit/s.

The 5G network rollout continued to be rolled out during the autumn, reachnig more than 30 cities, where Tele2 has provided services with speeds of around 500 Mbit/s. Following the concluded 5G auction, Tele2 can from today provide its customers with speeds of over 1 Gbit/s in these cities.

“We are now upgrading the capacity of our 5G services and providing more customers with the opportunity to reach speeds of over 1 Gbit per second. This is the starting point for smarter societies and companies, as well as better experiences for consumers. 5G is simply the technology of the future,” says Björn Lindberg, network expert at Tele2.

Cities that gets upgraded 5G speeds todayCities that gets upgraded 5G speeds today

Greater Stockholm e.g.  Solna, Huddinge, Lidingö, Täby, Botkyrka, Sigtuna, SödertäljeFalun


Consumers with Tele2 subscriptions of 25GB, 50GB or Unlimited, or Tele2 Business subscriptions, and a 5G compatible phone from Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Sony or Huawei, can use Tele2’s 5G network at no extra cost.

– The expansion of our 5G network now continues with the ambition that over 99 percent of Sweden’s population will have access to 5G within three years, Björn Lindberg concludes.