MOZARK: Enabling Innovative Digital Experience for CSPs


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As Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and telecoms and engaging towards rolling our next generation-ready 5G services – it is all getting down to delivering the right digital experience for their customers and Paris, France based MOZARK is one such organization that is enabling innovative digital experience with the help of its unique solutions for the telecoms market.  

Fabien Renaudineau, Co-CEO and Founder of MOZARK and Chandra Ramamurthy, co-founder of MOZARK speak with Zia Askari from about the company’s current focus and its future plans.

What are the key priorities for you as an organization?

The world is getting increasingly connected. Use cases that are going digital are exploding as more devices get connected and network technology evolves to provide greater bandwidth. As the business and technology complexity of providing the necessary connectivity infrastructure rises, it becomes even harder to “guarantee” a certain Quality of Digital Experience to customers. At MOZARK, we are passionate about ensuring that the right Digital Experience is delivered to end customers.

                   Chandra Ramamurthy
Please share your go to market strategy and what are the key geographies that you are looking at today?

Western Europe, especially France along with North America, APAC, and the Middle East are all the markets where we are operating and continuing to expand.

We are essentially a platform as a service. Our clients include telecom companies, digital apps such as video OTTs and games. We are also seeing great tractions amongst large enterprises who already had a distributed branch network such as retails and banks. Call centres & BPOs who are increasingly moving towards a work from home model are adopting are solutions for monitoring their employee home networks.

Delivering great customer experience has always been a key priority for CSPs and telecoms – how can they elevate this by having the right network insights? How can you help in this space?

Networks have traditional been designed to deliver best effort performance. However, as we move towards 5G, customers especially enterprises are demanding network SLAs that are not just about network availability or performance but focus on application layer experience. With network slicing, such SLA guarantees are increasingly becoming possible. One such example would be the creation of a network slice for public safety or first responder networks.


In addition, with the increasing deployment of edge infrastructure, telco will have to deliver tangible application experience improvements in order for them to monetize such infrastructure. Thus, telecom providers are increasingly becoming interesting on how different applications are performing on their networks and benchmark them against their competitors.


Networks thus increasingly need to be designed with the end use case in mind and the minimum operating threshold needed to deliver the desired experience. For example, in our whitepaper, (State of Network Experience) we show how for delivering good smartphone video experience networks don’t need to deliver more than 14 Mbps of DL throughputs.

What are some of the innovations that we can expect from MOZARK in the coming months?

MOZARK has launched the first of its kind QoE platform as a service specifically designed for telecom operators, regulators and public infrastructure providers.

Telcos throughout the world face this unique challenge of ‘we have more data than we can make sense of’ and in the midst of which they at times miss important trends or insights that are lost in the huge pile of data. Network telemetry data truly lives to the name of Big data and it needs to be properly correlated and aggregated to derive usable insights that make sense and help Telcos act and improve the network experience.

Our Platform lets them firstly aggregate all the rich network data from the telemetry tools that they may have deployed. More importantly it correlates it with customer data such as complaints, demographics, footfalls and building profiles. By analysing both network and business KPIs in one single no code GIS platform, telecom operators can make smart decisions around investment planning, network optimization and prioritise sales actions.

MOZARK has also launched an industry first application experience measurement platform for telecom operators. Our platform uses an endpoint DPI (deep packet inspection) approach to provide rich insights to operators on not just how apps are performing but also in-depth diagnostics from layer 3-7.

As telecoms embrace 5G era, it is increasingly important for them to monetize their network investments in a better manner. How can better network insights help in this regard?

Monetisation of LTE was primarily driven by an exponential increase in data use on smartphones using video and gaming apps. However in the case of 5G, Enterprises and Internet of Things will be the primary business case driver.

The 5G technology ecosystem will also bring in massive digital transformation, with many more enterprises moving to the cloud, adoption of edge clouds/CDNs for critical workloads and an explosion in the number of connected devices. Massive investments will also need to be made in strengthening indoor network infrastructure in order to support such use cases.

As B2B becomes a dominant driver of monetisation for telcos, customers will start to demand guaranteed SLAs and experience. Thus, having granular insights into the network performance and more important experience as perceived by their customers will be critical to telcos.

Synthetic monitoring of networks from the customer endpoint and correlating that with other network telemetry data will become key to proactive identify issues and reduce the TAT for resolution. Telcos that are able to do this well will have a winning proposition in the market.

Please share detail on some of your present customers including the ones in India. What kind of growth are you looking at for the coming year?

Our clientele is primarily divided into three segments:

  • Digital Infrastructure providers : include mobile telcos, fixed broadband providers, cloud service providers and content delivery networks. Large number of telecom providers across Europe and Asia are our customers.
  • Digital Apps:  as a category is a fast-growing segment for us. We are primarily focused on commerce, fintech, EdTech, media/OTT and gaming apps. Large media and retail apps across India and France have used our platform.
  • Digital Enterprise : include public sector such as smart cities, regulators and large distributed enterprises such as retail, banking and call centers/BPOs.

As a company we have been traditionally strong in the Digital Infrastructure space, but our recent growth has been driven by a growing customer base in Digital Apps and Enterprises. We are on-track to delivering double our revenue last year and increase our customer base three times despite the Covid crisis.

What are some of the big trends that you think will be important for telecoms in the coming year 2021?

Covid has been transformative for us just as it has been for several digital companies such as Zoom, Amazon, Netflix etc. As these platforms see a rapid increase in their user base, monitoring the experience they are delivering to customers becomes even more critical and hence the interest in digital experience platforms like ours.

Enterprises too have accelerated their journey to becoming digital. Particularly traditionally high contact services such as retail and banking are moving towards being contactless. All this needs strong connectivity as its foundation, and platforms like ours are designed specifically for this purpose.

Telcos and connectivity providers will increasingly need to talk the language of their customers. Thus understanding actual app experience as perceived by their customers will be key. Focus on B2B, Internet of Things and Indoor Network experience will need experience monitoring tools that go beyond the traditional network telemetry. Our platform is well placed to serve such a need.