Rakuten Launches Mobile Pre-Ordering, Payment Service “Rakuten Ready” in Japan


Rakuten, Inc. has announced that its mobile ordering and payment service Rakuten Ready has launched in Japan. Rakuten Ready is a solution designed for companies with brick and mortar shops, such as restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, cafes and retail stores, that allows client companies to easily integrate pre-ordering and payment services compatible with Rakuten ID on their websites and mobile apps.

By using Rakuten Ready, companies with brick and mortar stores can easily provide online and mobile pre-ordering and transaction options to customers, offering an attractive alternative to the high cost of developing a proprietary in-house system.

Rakuten Ready empowers companies to build pre-ordering and payment systems that offer a more pleasant shopping experience to customers by reducing in-store wait times and providing greater levels of convenience for product pick-up.

In addition to giving customers the ability to make cashless purchases by using their Rakuten ID when pre-ordering and paying, customers can also receive Rakuten Super Points, which can be used to make payments.

With more than 100 million Rakuten members in Japan, Rakuten Ready also opens up the possibility of using these points in marketing campaigns and other innovative methods.

As an additional option for integration with mobile apps, Rakuten Ready provides functionality that sends notifications to stores using location data from customers who have agreed in advance to provide this information to accurately predict when they will arrive.

This feature allows businesses providing pre-ordering and payment services to deliver a smoother product pick-up experience for customers, as well as increase efficiency for in-store operations*2.

Rakuten Ready is provided by Rakuten Group company Rakuten Ready, Inc. Founded in 2013 in the U.S., the company works with over 4,000 stores, including leading retailers such as Kroger, CVS and Nordstrom, and leading restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle, to scale their order ahead programs.

Along with the growth in popularity of cashless payments, Rakuten launched this service in Japan in order to help meet emerging consumer needs brought on by rising expectations for pre-ordering and payment services.

Going forward, Rakuten will continue to offer a range of services and mobile solutions such as Rakuten Ready. The company aims to tackle the various challenges companies face, as well as bring greater levels of convenience to customers, both online and offline, through the Rakuten Ecosystem.

*1 Customers are awarded 1 point per 100 yen (includes tax) spent once the pre-order and purchase is complete.
*2 This can be used as a stand-alone feature if a client business already has in-house pre-ordering and payment services.
*3 The Ochanomizu Waterras, Sangenjaya, Akasaka Hitotsugidori and Aoyama locations.
*4 The above Ueshima Coffee locations and Tonkatsu Oribe’s restaurant in Asakusa have not introduced Rakuten Ready’s predictive arrival technology.

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