Proxim Debuts Cross Point – a Point to MultiPoint System with Integrated WiFi AP


Proxim Wireless Corporation, a globally renowned player in advanced Wi-Fi, wireless carrier infrastructure and IoT 3.0 applications, has introduced to the market the XP-10100-SUA, a subscriber unit in a Point to MultiPoint system with an integrated ORiNOCO® WiFi AP.

Following on the release of Proxim’s new high capacity 10100 series of Base Stations (BSU) and subscriber units, Proxim is announcing the Tsunami® XP-10100-SUA.

This is a dual radio product, with one radio operating the Proxim WORP® protocol for connectivity to the Base Station, and the second radio supporting standard WiFi connectivity for client devices such as smart phones, tablets, PCs etc. The WORP radio offers up to 867Mbps data rate connection to the BSU, while the built in AP offers up to 300Mbps of WiFi connectivity and supports industry standard Hotspot 2.0.

This entire dual radio solution is packaged into Proxim’s small, 9.8″x8.7″x2.8″ (250 x 220 x 72 mm ) IP67 rated ruggedized enclosure. As with all Tsunami Subscriber units, the XP not only supports a built in ORiNOCO AP, but offers a PoE out port that can supply power and connectivity to third party devices such as video security cameras.

When the XP dual radio functionality is combined with the rest of the Tsunami leading features — WORP, Proxim ClearConnect™ and Proxim FastConnect™ mobility support, customers have available an extremely powerful, flexible solution. Anticipated applications include rapid deployment of WiFi throughout a village or rural area providing almost instant Internet connectivity to anyone with a standard Wifi device via it’s HotSpot 2.0 support.

Deployment of Carrier WiFi in urban centers with Backhaul built into the HotSpot AP, as well as using the Tsunami for cellular small cell backhaul and providing a WiFi signal next to the 3G/4G small cell. With full mobility support, one XP unit can be deployed on a bus or train, and combine both the WiFi AP for customers as well as the WiFi backhaul off the moving platform.

For the ITS market, where wireless plays an increasing role in traffic signal coordination and video security, the integrated AP offers technicians easy on site access to the Subscriber units and third party equipment via WiFi.

“The XP-10100 addresses key challenges in wireless infrastructure and carrier hot spots today. Challenges such as power, backhaul, and real estate constraints are solved with a clean, single small form factor subscriber unit which can also power third party devices (cameras), backhaul for small cells, and provide WiFi access,” said Greg Marzullo, President and CEO of Proxim Wireless. “When the XP is deployed for video surveillance backhaul, enterprise connectivity, mining, port and other rugged outdoor connectivity applications, WiFi can be added to the network with no extra cost. This enables Hotspot WiFi access as well as WiFi access to the Proxim network itself for configuration and monitoring in the field.”