Paritel Selects Ribbon to Combat Robocalls

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Ribbon Communications Inc., a global provider of real time communications technology and IP optical networking solutions to many of the world’s largest service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure operators to modernize and protect their networks, announced that Paritel, a France-based provider of telecom solutions to enterprises and small businesses, has selected Ribbon’s STIR/SHAKEN solution to ensure its compliance with the “Loi Naegelen,” (Naegelen Law) requiring French service providers to implement a solution protecting their customers from various types of telephony based fraud by July 2023.

“Malicious calls from bad actors are causing our customers to lose trust in the phone network,” said Guillaume Rouderges, Telecom Infrastructure Manager, Paritel. “We’re pleased to partner with Ribbon to help restore integrity to our customers’ calling experience, in addition to meeting the requirements of the Loi Naegelen. Having previously worked together on other projects, we’re confident in Ribbon’s carrier grade expertise and its ability to successfully support us in this critical undertaking.”

Part of the Ribbon Call Trust® portfolio, Ribbon’s STIR/SHAKEN solution is designed to fulfill the requirements for caller identity authentication, signing, verification and certificate management as defined by French law.

In addition to STIR/SHAKEN, Paritel is leveraging Ribbon’s market leading core SBC for security and interworking, PSX for advanced call routing functions, and Ribbon Analytics for comprehensive monitoring and anomaly detection in their network.

“We have a longstanding relationship with Paritel and are pleased to have been selected for this deployment,” said Ribbon’s Christine Bouhiron, Head of Sales and Country Manager, France. “Our leadership and experience in identity assurance enable us to help Paritel become a market leader in adopting STIR/SHAKEN to comply with French legislation and reestablish trust in the phone experience, while continuing to secure and maintain their network.”

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