netTALK Taps Inmarsat to Enable Communications for Canadian Coast Guard

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netTALK Maritime announces its partnership with Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, to provide a communication system for Canadian Coast Guard lighthouses.

Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) solution provides lighthouse keepers with reliable, high throughput data communications that drive job efficiency and greatly improve morale and welfare.

netTALK Maritime is a full-service communications provider for maritime deployments on cruise lines, serving over one million end users worldwide. Their streamlined maritime system is currently deployed on mass-market cruise lines around the world. It enables passengers to communicate directly with one another and cruise ship staff to send alerts and can be seamlessly adopted for other use cases as deployed with the Canadian Coast Guard lighthouses.

Inmarsat regularly works with customers representing governments, but this will be netTALK Maritime’s first contract in this area. The partnership will combine netTALK Maritime’s communication system with Inmarsat’s satellite expertise, delivering remote communications and connectivity to government operators. Inmarsat has tested netTALK’s communication system since March 2020 to deliver global safety communications in the most challenging locations.

Inmarsat’s GX service provides a high bandwidth satellite data solution that allows lighthouse keepers to access their Cisco AnyConnect VPN connection to the Canadian Coast Guard network. Partner agencies can use GX to upload webcam images, weather data, etc. as well as VoIP that allows lighthouse keepers to make phone calls.

“Delivering a unique solution for Inmarsat to effectively service and satisfy their customer’s needs has been a great experience for our team,” said Anastasios “Takis” Kyriakides, CEO at netTALK Maritime. “This deployment proves how well our system can adapt to different environments, and we very much appreciate Inmarsat’s support.”

“Inmarsat is proud to support our customers in Canada and our partnership with netTALK Maritime, helping connect the Canadian Coast Guard with remote lighthouses, is a further demonstration of this commitment,” said Justin Hobbs, Vice President, Sales, Inmarsat Global Government. “This arrangement will help the Canadian Coast Guard achieve reliable, secure, high-speed connectivity, supporting the safety of mariners in Canadian waters and protecting Canada’s marine environment. Following the recent opening of Inmarsat’s state-of-the-art facility in Ottawa, this project further demonstrates the close and developing partnership for Inmarsat across the Canadian Government.”