Far EasTone Picks Ericsson to establish 5G core lab in Taiwan

Far EasTone and Ericsson Partner for 5G Services

Far EasTone Telecom has established the first “dual-mode full 5G core network laboratory” in Taiwan with Ericsson, successfully building a 5G independent networking (Standalone, SA) test platform, and launching related technologies and application scenarios.

The test set a new milestone for Taiwan’s 5G process. The new laboratory can support the new 5G independent networking and non-independent networking dual-mode core network at the same time.

In addition to opening the test platform, it will also serve as an innovative field for displaying forward-looking application cases. The goal is to accelerate the transformation of 5G killer application vendors by using laboratory energy synchronized with advanced 5G countries; continue to improve network performance and user experience, become the best digital partner for consumers and corporate customers, and drive the innovation and upgrading of Taiwan’s industry.

Following the signing of the “Memorandum of Cooperation for 5G Network Development” signed by Yuanchuan and Ericsson last month, to jointly promote 5G to a new stage, today, another city is announced, leading the industry to establish a “dual-mode full 5G core network laboratory”, and comprehensively promote 5G network is moving from non-independent networking to independent networking architecture to fully release the potential of 5G, fully realize the characteristics of large bandwidth, low latency, and a large number of connections, and catalyze the landing of killer applications such as 5G telesurgery, car networking, and smart cities.

The 5G independent networking test platform successfully built by the two parties will open up domestic and foreign Netcom equipment factories and terminal equipment factories to conduct end-to-end integration tests, accelerate the development of business models, and lead Taiwan’s 5G industry to keep pace with the world.

Moving towards 5G independent networking architecture is the core focus of current global network development. FarEasy and Ericsson integrate their resources from “application testing”, “network smart automation”, “forward-looking technology evolution” and “ecosystem chaining” The four major aspects are starting to flexibly respond to the increasingly complex network deployment requirements of new technologies and application scenarios. In addition to the joint development of 5G network slicing (Network Slicing), edge computing (Edge Computing), enterprise private network and fixed wireless access (Fixed Wireless Access, FWA) and other new-generation network core technologies, it will also use AI technology best Integrated software and hardware, improve the flexibility and flexibility of network resource scheduling, and provide customers with real-time and high-quality application services.

Jing Qi, General Manager of FarEasy Telecom, said: “YearEasy promotes the development of 5G, and has been deeply involved in 5G innovations, applications and network research and development. I am very pleased to cooperate with Ericsson to establish the first “dual-mode full 5G core network experiment in Taiwan.” Building a 5G independent networking test platform, showing amazing cooperation momentum, which is a great affirmation of FarEasy’s technical strength! FarEasy will continue to combine the energy of ecosystem partners to promote the development of the 5G industry chain and actively develop the public network , Enterprise private networks and other customized network architectures, providing the most excellent 5G application services and experience.”

Lan Shangli, General Manager of Ericsson Taiwan, said: “Ericsson and Yuanchuan have gained recognition in a number of network performance evaluations based on years of deep cooperation experience and leading 5G technology. As 5G independent networking continues to develop globally, its cloud-native Innovative network architecture will drive 5G to a new stage. Ericsson will continue to work hand in hand with Yuanchuan, combining Ericsson’s world-leading 5G technology and rich deployment experience to jointly promote the digital transformation, innovation and upgrading of Taiwan’s industry, with excellent network Create maximum value for consumers and businesses.”