Mobile Asia Expo to Showcase Innovations in Communications


Focusing its effort around generating better and bigger business value for its exhibitors and participants, Mobile Asia Expo is happening in Shanghai, China during June 11-13 2014 and is set to create a unique impact in the region. Leland Lai, Managing Director, Asia, GSMA Ltd spoke with on the focus of the event and why is it going to be special.


What is the big focus for Mobile Asia Expo? 

Mobile Asia Expo will include a conference program featuring CEOs and senior executives from leading companies in Asia and around the world; an extensive exhibition showcasing innovative mobile products and services; a range of specialized featured programs; a government and regulatory program; and many other seminars, meetings and educational programs.

The 2014 Mobile Forum conference program offers an exciting mix of visionary keynotes and breakout sessions providing in-depth insights on current and future trends impacting the ever-changing mobile industry. Keynote sessions in the Mobile Forum will focus on topics such as mobile operator strategies, mobile broadband opportunities and the digital lifestyle. Breakout sessions will provide detailed content in areas including smart cities, NFC, retail and commerce, mobile payments, identity and privacy, outsourcing, media and devices, among others.

International MVNO Summit
Mobile Asia Expo 2014 will feature China’s first international MVNO Summit, designed to address the key opportunities and challenges in the nascent Chinese MVNO market.

GSMA Hosts Shanghai New Pilot Free Trade Zone Workshop

The GSMA will host the first Shanghai New Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Workshop, an invite-only programme being held on 11th June. Shanghai’s new FTZ introduces a number of reforms designed to create a preferential environment for foreign investment, particularly in telecom services. In this workshop, FTZ officials will help attendees understand the new policies and regulations for telecom value-added services and the implications for companies doing business in Shanghai.

For Mobile Asia Expo 2014, the GSMA is launching the China Learning Expedition, an immersive, interactive, five-day programme organised by the Drucker School of Claremont Graduate University. Matt Pillar, a China business expert and Drucker Senior Fellow, and other presenters will offer attendees real-world observations on how to navigate the complex, fast-growing market and establish a platform for lasting success.

How many companies are set to exhibit this year?

We expect to have approximately 200 exhibiting companies at the 2014 GSMA Mobile Asia Expo.

What are some of the key technologies that are going to be on display during this event?

A major focus area in mobile is around Connected Living, where nearly everyone and everything in our lives will be connected via mobile, from cars to health monitors to connected shirts! Mobile Asia Expo will feature the Connected City, a life-like urban environment where attendees will experience how these companies are making homes smarter, motoring more intelligent, shopping easier and city living safer in the largest and most forward-thinking mobile market in the world.

Each area will bring together the latest in cutting-edge products and services to demonstrate how a connected future, driven by mobile, will simplify and enhance people’s everyday lives. Partners in the Connected City include BMW, CityZen, FitBit, Huawei, KT and Sequans, among others.

What is the biggest value that this event is going to add for the business visitors?

Mobile Asia Expo will have a very heavy focus on business development and deal making.  Mobile Asia Expo will attract the leaders of the mobile industry, but also executives from other sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare and utilities, from China, throughout Asia and around the world, along with brands and retailers.

This confluence offers new opportunities for companies wanting to do business in Asia, and for Asian companies wanting to expand outside of the region. Further, we will be addressing technology-savvy consumers who are seeking the latest in mobile technologies and products. Business participants will find many attractive networking opportunities to help in their business.

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