2G to 4G: Videocon to offer 4G Services by March 2015


by Zia Askari

Taking a technology leap from its present 2G network towards 4G network, Videocon Telecom is planning to launch its 4G services by March 2014.

“We will not have 3G and will directly move towards 4G services. We will be launching 4G by March 2014. It will be a selective launch in 10 cities across India,” informed, Arvind Bali, Director & CEO, Videocon Telecom. He was speaking on the sidelines of an LTE India event in New Delhi.

Explaining the reason for a limited launch for 4G services, Bali said that there are still a lot of challenges in front of making this technological leap towards 4G.

“India is still not ready for successful commercial launch of 4G today. We have only 4 per cent of 3G penetration in the country. However, moving forward, user’s need for high data transmission rate and better user experience will drive 4G adoption in India,” he added.

Talking about addressing the challenge of spectrum scarcity, he mentioned that moving forward, spectrum scarcity in India should open up opportunities for spectrum trading and sharing and this will compliment LTE evolution in the country.

At present, Videocon has operations in four circles of the country. And while embracing 4G, the operator will keep in mind the affordability factor for its set of customers.

“4G is all about faster data rates and when you have large amount of data coming in lesser amount of time. Pricing models will change. We will offer 4G at 2G and 3G price points,” he explained.