Mexico’s Wireless Operator Deploying Ceragon IP-20 Platform for 4G Network Upgrade


Ceragon Networks Ltd., the global wireless backhaul solutions provider, has announced that a wireless operator in Mexico is deploying its IP-20 Platform for an extensive 4G network upgrade and expansion project.

Orders for this project totaling over $6 million have been received during 2015, mostly in the second half of the year. Ceragon is enabling the operator to quickly and efficiently increase its nationwide service reach, deliver the highest 4G service speeds to subscribers, and provide a most reliable and operationally efficient network.

This operator selected Ceragon’s FibeAir IP-20 platform in order to quickly expand its geographic coverage, while meeting strict operational efficiency targets and ensuring reliable service availability.

The Ceragon IP-20 platform is a highly-flexible, ultra-high capacity, IP-based wireless backhaul solution, available across all frequency bands (4 – 86GHz) and for every wireless backhaul scenario. Built on unique multicore technology, it delivers over 1Gbps with IP-20C in narrowband frequencies and 2.5Gbps with IP-20E in wideband E-Band spectrum and for any site scenario.

It also provides a quick-to-deploy solution for all site locations, and meets the operator’s short, small cells and long haul requirements. Coupled with Ceragon’s unique applications for quick and simple wireless backhaul equipment commissioning, the IP-20 Platform enables the operator to achieve fast time to revenue.

To provide a highly reliable network for mobile subscribers and enterprises alike, Ceragon’s IP-20 platform additionally provides the operator with backup connectivity to fiber rings. It does so by utilizing its IP-20E E-band technology, which delivers 2.5Gbps fiber-speed capacity with a very small footprint.

By providing a wireless solution at such high speeds across the entire spectrum, Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform allows the operator to utilize the same network infrastructure for both mobile and enterprise connectivity, thus significantly reducing network expenses and increasing operational efficiency.

“We appreciate the opportunity to expand our relationship with this wireless operator to deliver 4G wireless backhaul across the network,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. “We are gratified by this operator’s confidence that our highly reliable, top performance IP-20 Platform and the proficiency of our network rollout services will enable it to meet its network rollout plans.”