Singapore’s M1, Keppel Land Using Technology and Communications to Drive ‘Smart Lives Initiative’

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Singapore based M1 Limited and Keppel Land Limited (Keppel Land) has unveiled the M1-Keppel Smart Lives programme to provide smart living solutions for Keppel Land’s residential and commercial properties.

The pilot programme will run for 12 months, beginning in early 2016, at Keppel Land’s 622-unit condominium in Sengkang, The Luxurie. Thirty households of the condominium will be selected to enjoy a suite of smart healthcare and home solutions.

For a start, the home security package comprises an Internet-of-Things (IoT) hub, as well as camera, contact and motion sensors. Together with the software solutions provided by software developer Philip Tang & Sons, residents can be alerted to unwanted entry or when motion is detected in off-limits areas in the home.

For effective healthcare monitoring, residents will benefit from the IoT gateway which allows health data to be securely captured, analysed and shared with medical professionals who can make appropriate health recommendations remotely.

Furthering Keppel Land’s partnership with Philips, the Smart Lives programme also includes a range of Philips Hue smart lighting solutions which allow residents to control their home lighting wirelessly through mobile applications. Keppel Land had earlier also partnered Philips to replace conventional lighting with energy-saving LED lighting in its offices.

Ang Wee Gee, CEO of Keppel Land said, “In line with our brand philosophy of ‘Thinking Unboxed’, Keppel Land keeps abreast of new technologies and thoughtful innovations that can be seamlessly adopted in its homes and offices.

“We are excited to leverage synergies with Keppel’s associated company, M1, as we seek to improve the quality of life of our building occupants. Utilising technology to develop efficient and safe homes, starting with The Luxurie, we hope to eventually roll out this scheme to all buildings developed by Keppel Land.”

“The M1-Keppel Smart Lives programme will utilise our advanced residential fibre broadband offerings and the latest in Internet-of-Things developments to make lives safer, more comfortable, and productive,” said Willis Sim, Chief Product Development & Corporate Solutions Officer, M1.

“Through the trial, we will be able to ensure our solutions are relevant and truly meet our customers’ needs. For instance, we will make sure our pioneer generation find the healthcare solutions easy to use and accessible, and that they work seamlessly and are not so intrusive that they get turned off. In this way, the solutions will be able to make a real impact, and we would not be creating technology for technology’s sake,” he added.

M1 and Keppel Land will gather feedback from the Smart Lives programme to identify additional smart solutions to better meet customers’ needs.