Lumata updates its ‘Expression Marketing’, packs more power with next gen loyalty programme capabilities


Packing in more power, Lumata has launched the latest version of its flagship product (Expression Marketing) for Customer Lifecycle Management.

The new version 2.4 combines real-time contextual marketing capabilities with Lumata’s next generation loyalty programme capability. Expression now uniquely integrates predictive analytics, campaign management, loyalty programmes and offer optimisation modules in a single interface, enabling marketers to rapidly configure, deploy and analyse their CLM activities.

Speaking on the product launch, Julia Kreusch, Senior Marketing Manager, Telefonica said, “Lumata’s Expression Marketing 2.4 tremendously enhanced our Prepaid Überraschung Programme with its advanced reward optimisation capability combined with real-time marketing capability to personalise the offer based on customer profile, spend and engagement in the programme.”

New features:

•Integrated real-time contextual marketing and next generation loyalty programme. Break the silos and make your real-time marketing campaigns more effective with an integrated next generation loyalty programme.

•A new innovative loyalty programme called “Badges”. Reward your customer activities with badges, a visual recognition often coupled with personalised offers. Replace or supplement points-based and other targeted reward programmes with an interactive, engaging customer experience.

•Real-time offer optimisation. Embed an intelligent, real-time optimisation engine into your customer portal or app to serve personalised offer recommendations. Give your customers choice while not overwhelming them with a reward catalogue.

•Voucher management: Enhance your reward programmes with coupons or vouchers from lifestyle brands. Manage voucher distribution, redemption and stock management for voucher partners.

•Horizontally scalable messaging with advanced routing. An all-new messaging layer based on industry standard queueing technology to scale horizontally and add support for new contact channels and messaging protocols over time with growing business needs.

•Virtualisation support. Expression Marketing can now be deployed as a “virtual appliance” (pre-installed, preconfigured, ready to run) without requiring dedicated hardware.


Adhish Kulkarni, CMO, Lumata said, “We have been continuously working with operators to take their feedback and enhance the current capabilities of Expression Marketing. Our loyalty programme customers have been seeking the ability to micro-segment and deliver highly targeted rewards, while our real-time marketing customers are looking to expand their customer relationship with innovative initiatives to build brand loyalty. We are really excited with the positive response from our clients on 2.4 who have already seen significant uplift in their results.