JMA Wireless Unveils Multi-Operator Smart Cell Platform for Smart Cities, Campus Environment

JMA Wireless Logo

JMA Wireless, a global enabler of wireless communications solutions, has expanded its footprint in the smart infrastructure market with its new Smart Cell platform.

Smart Cell is a flexible technology platform that enables multiple forms of wireless connectivity and sensing technologies all in a single compact, unobtrusive design that is city friendly.

The platform brings together key wireless technologies that enable the full spectrum of licensed cellular bands along with newer unlicensed bands such as 5.6Ghz LAA and the emerging 3.5Ghz CBRS.

Furthermore, it supports FirstNet, Wi-Fi and other sensing technologies for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. To enable multi-operator cellular connectivity, the solution integrates the newest TEKO software defined radios, providing different power classes for various applications. This flexible solution can be powered in multiple ways, including by JMA Wireless’s FUZE digital electricity offering.

“Smart City applications will have a huge economic impact on cities around the world. McKinsey forecasts we will see operational savings of $1.7 trillion per year by 2025,” stated Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at JMA Wireless. “The new operational efficiencies will impact utilities, public transportation, crime detection and monitoring, emergency services, just to mention a few applications, and our Smart Cell platform is a critical element in enabling all types of smart use cases.”

JMA Wireless partnered with Bigbelly®, the world leading Smart City solutions provider specializing in smart waste and recycling systems, and will be leveraging the Bigbelly station to deploy a wide range of technologies, accelerating the digital transformation of the streetscape, while bringing new and enhanced wireless services to residents, businesses, and the city.

“We are thrilled to be working with JMA Wireless on our Bigbelly solution,” stated Brian Phillips, CEO of Bigbelly. “We are taking smart waste and recycling operations to the next level by leveraging our waste footprint to host technologies that empower Smart City infrastructure.”

The Smart Cell platform will be on display in the JMA Wireless booth (South Hall, S.930) at Mobile World Congress Americas (September 12 – 14, Moscone Center).