Italtel Enables Data Centre Infra for an Italian Public Administration Organization

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Italtel has completed the implementation of the infrastructure for the migration and technological upgrade of three new Data Centres for a very large Italian Public Administration organization.

The project was the subject of a call for tenders, awarded to an RTI, with Italtel winning a significant component of about 30% of the project. The aim of the project is to upgrade and innovate the authority’s central IT infrastructures, make them interconnected and guarantee their operational continuity and Disaster Recovery.

The activities carried out by Italtel involve the customer’s three central Data Centres and relate to the design, installation and implementation of the internal network of the Data Centres and the geographical network linking them, with particular attention to network security aspects.

The three Data Centres, although located in different places, now form a single interconnected hub, with full infrastructural integration of the elements and their logical separation, by means of appropriate software configurations.

The project also reinforced the perimeter protection and access security components, based on Cisco and Fortinet technology, facilitating the gradual decommissioning of obsolete IT systems and the use of virtualization technologies for computing platforms.

“Due to its complexity and size, the project represents a prestigious benchmark for us in the design and implementation of network and data centre infrastructures” – says Giovanni Salerno, Head of Public & Private Sector at Italtel. “We have been able to work alongside the customer, designing and implementing the solution so that full business continuity is ensured”.

Italtel will now also be involved in the migration of data traffic flows to the three new infrastructures, and this will take place in total operational continuity, thus guaranteeing that customers will be able to provide their services because the migrations will take place in a controlled and planned manner.

With this project, and with those already completed for other Public Administration organization and for the Italian Army, Italtel demonstrates that it has the skills to play an important role in the construction of the National Strategic Hub and the cloud transformation of the Public Administration’s data centre infrastructures, one of the cornerstones of the Italia Digitale 2026 plan in implementation of Mission 1 of the National Reform Programme (PNRR), which has the general objective of boosting the country’s competitiveness and productivity. The digitization, innovation and security of the PA is one of the areas of focus for Italtel within the PNRR, in addition to the initiatives for 1-Giga Italy, Telemedicine, Enterprise 4.0 and Smart Grids.