Tips to buy second hand bikes


It is important to understand the necessity if you would like to get the second hand bike. When you wanted to get the bike online or through the owner directly, you need to check and look into some of the factors. Whether you wanted to get the bike for regular commuting purpose, or everyday commuting to workplace, or occasional use, it is important to check the required things before you purchase the second hand bike.

When you don’t like to travel through public transport, then it is wise to get the bike to get you to move around. This is your secondary mode of transport and thus required to keep going for short distance or to complete your daily chores. But when you wanted to get the second hand bikes, you need to check many factors to ensure you get the proper bike that is in condition. There are many second hand bike buying app that gives you more information and bikes you like the most.

Here in this article we discuss some of the tips you need to consider before buying the second hand bikes:

  • Do some basic research

Indulging in proper research is a good idea and doing home work is always advisable for the people in this area. Internet is a good source of research over here and one can also depend on the personal references as well. Get the best deal and get the complete knowledge about the bike before you get the second hand.

  • Inspect the bike very well before making any decision:

Making inspection is the most important step to be considered by the people in the whole process to avoid any kind of chaos. People also need to indulge in mechanical and cosmetic inspection to be clear about actual condition. If you would like to get the bike for joy trips or occasional use during the weekends, you might go for some luxury bike which has used less and has the good power engine and need not worry about mileage. So before buying the bike, know your needs.

  • Try taking a trial ride

Many of the bikes might not work the first time you get from the owners. So ensure to take trial ride that will give you the idea of the condition of the bike. People always need to take the trial ride of the bike as this will be the best way of having a good idea about the entire thing and making sure that the people will be making a highly genuine decision.

  • Ensure to choose the right platform to get the second hand bike

When you wish to buy second hand bike, the most important aspect in the whole process is to decide from where to buy it.

There are several platforms in the form of bikes and you can also purchase the bikes from the owners and avoid buying the bike from the intermediates. You can also go the second hand bike showroom or dealers who can provide you with the best bike in condition. You can also check the news paper ads or used cars sites to buy directly from the owner if you don’t want any intermediates.

  • Make some mechanical checks

Apart from the very basic cosmetic check, people also need to be clear about the implementation of the mechanical check so that people have a clear idea about the performance related things. Being technically sound is the best way of boosting the confidence of the people so that there is no issue in whole process.

Some of the tips you need to check the bike before purchasing as explained as:

  • Check the condition of the engine–To be very well clear about the condition of the engine of the bike people, need to go with the option of turning the ignition on and then ride the bike to notice any kind of unusual sounds from the engine. If there are any issues, then it is vital for the people to shift to another option available.
  • Check if there are any issues associated with battery–Checking out the issues associated with the battery is very much advisable for the people so that there is no issue at any stage. Battery is a very important component of the bike and being clear about it is very vital.
  • Ensure to have a check on the spark plug – The next thing you need to check is the spark plug as any repair in the same, might end you up to kick the bike in the middle of the road or every time the engine stops. This might turn annoying and spoil your entire day.
  • You need to check if the bike has been ever damaged accidentally– At the time of purchasing the second hand bike, you always need to check if the bike body is stable or not. If it is not stable and is shaky then it is a clear-cut symbol that the bike has met with any kind of accident at any point in time.
  • Paper works you need to check if you are buying the second hand bike
  • Ensure to check for paperworks – Try getting the required papers from the owners and other proper certificates including RC books, and other paper works. Also ensure to check if the bike has NOC provided by RTO. These paper works helps you to name transfer from one person to another.
  • Check for the tax certification and history documents – The next thing you need to do is to check for the tax payment certification and service history documents to know that the bike is properly maintained. To get the bike in condition, ensure to buy the best second hand bike selling app online to get the better one.


Whenever you are interested to purchase the second hand bike, consider the above tips that might help you to get the perfect conditioned bike. Checking these above points might reduce the frustration or buying the bikes that are not in condition.