Iran Telecom Innovations 2016: Showcases Next Gen Innovations in Telecoms


Iran telecom innovations 2016 kicked off in the presence of the minister of ICT, his deputies and other high ranking personalities – a clear indicator of how strongly the Iranian government supports iran telecom innovations.

Iran’s 17th International Trade Show on Innovative CIT Solutions was officially opened by:
•Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, Minister of ICT
•Nasrollah Jahangard, Deputy Minister of ICT & Head of the Information Technology Organization of Iran
•Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, Deputy Minister of ICT & Managing Director of Telecommunication Infrastructure Co.
•Ali Asghar Amidian, Deputy Minister of ICT & Head of Communications Regulatory Authority
•Barat Ghanbari, Deputy Minister of ICT
•Mr Faramarz Rastegar, Head of the Iranian Telecommunication Syndicate

225 (+32%) exhibitors from 23 countries are eager to discuss their business with 40,000 expected visitors. Get first impressions of the opening and the first show day and read what our exhibitors said.

Arnaud Parizet, Acome – Director Middle East / Broadband Telecom, said, “Acome has been active in Iran for one year now. We find that Iran has a very good network and a good performance in the fields of new technologies. The world is changing and so does Iran – it will change even quicker in the future.”

“Acome technologies are well suitable for the Iranian market. Why? Acome has the most improved technology for mobile and broadband FTTH solutions. These solutions are deployed in France and Europe so why not in Iran?

Sanction being lifted now, Acome is hoping for the total sanctions to be lifted as soon as possible. Commercial and technical most advanced technologies are expected to be introduced easier in the upcoming future and be faster accessible for the next generation.

Acome’s participation at iran telecom innovations 2016 targets on presenting the most advanced telecom solutions for the necessary broadband networks, both fixed and mobile, in Iran.” He added.

Mohammad Sharif, RFS (Company in Iran: Foursat Kish) – Manager Telecom Department said that RFS has been active in Iran since March 2016. “We have had a very good business before the sanctions but we stopped after the embargo. The Iranian market belongs to the most attractive emerging markets so we are very glad and ambitious to come back.” he added.

RFS is a manufacturer of all types of radio frequency passive systems. We produce antennas, cables and accessories. “With these solutions, we can support the operations of mobile network operators, oil and gas companies, infrastructure (metro) and broadcast companies and therefor are very suitable for the Iranian market.

During the sanctions, RFS was not authorized to do any business in Iran. Restarting in March 2016 again, RFS has begun participating at all large events: we have now an official partner in Iran and are able to deliver our products to the Iranian market. This is a great and important change being enabled by the lifted sanctions.

By participating at iran telecom innovations, RFS is targeting to come back to the Iranian market with a strong position, establishing its high level quality products. iran telecom innovations is a great opportunity to re-introduce RFS to the Iranian market.” he informed.

Nguyen Tuan Duong, Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group – Manager, said that the Iranian market is of high importance to VNPT, considering just the population number which provides a lot of potential. Also, the GDP in Iran is higher compared to other countries. These given factors make the Iranian market a very attractive one.

“With the sanctions being lifted, we hope to be able to profit from the given opportunities and boost cooperations.

VNPT’s main target with its participation at iran telecom innovations 2016 is the promotion of our trademark as well meeting suitable partners.” he explained.

Dr. Reza Zanganeh – Iskratel (Company in Iran: KICT) – CEO, said that Iskratel is a European InfoCommunications vendor and solution provider with 65 years of experience and local presence in over 30 countries. We have built successful brands for communications solutions – SI2000 and SI3000.

Iskratel’s filed of business covers public and private telephony, advanced end-to-end broadband and InfoCommunications solutions for various industries and enterprises.

“We are active in Iran since one year. Our products are suitable for the Iranian market because we offer high technology, design and support by ourselves.

Due to the sanctions lifted we expect to open the Iranian market and we can start business here.

Our main target at iran telecom innovations 2016 is to present our different projects: The telecom market project, the oil & gas project as well as the enterprise market project.” he informed.

S. Anantharajan, Birla Cable Ltd./Vindhya Telelinks Ltd. – DGM Marketing, said that Birla Group is now re-entering the Iranian market which is full of potential since the sanctions were lifted.

“Iran’s infrastructure is in a major development. A lot of telecommunications products are required which is also a big point on our portfolio.

After sanctions were lifted we are free to deal with all the Iranian customers and we are looking forward to do a better business.

Our main target on iran telecom innovations 2016 is to reach telecom operators, system integrators and turnkey operators. So far we are satisfied with the show – we are on the right way!” he explained.

Yang Gao, OPWILL Technologies Co., Ltd. – Overseas Regional Sales Manager, said, “This year it is the first time we come to Iran. We started our business in Iran because we think the Iranian telecom market is huge and growing tremendously.

Our business is doing test equipment. Our industry only has OPWILL and a few other players from the USA. In comparison with the American brands our products have the same quality with lower prices.

After sanctions were lifted we are happy about the more friendly import policy.

Our main target at iran telecom innovations 2016 is to look for a local distributor of agency helping us to enter the Iranian Market,” he added.