HyperPay Offers STC Pay to all its Merchants in Saudi Arabia


As part of their endeavor to enable the fastest and most secure payment methods online, HyperPay has officially announced their new agreement with STC Pay; the Kingdom’s most favorable payment method – now available to all HyperPay’s merchants in Saudi Arabia.

The integration of STC Pay allows more options for merchants to accept payments from customers who own an STC Pay wallet; a convenient way to process payments online.

STC Pay can be easily activated on merchants’ websites, allowing them to accept, secure, and manage payments with utmost flexibility. HyperPay has also enabled the ‘multiple partial refunds’ option, giving merchant partners a competitive advantage in the market.

On this occasion, Ashraf Manasra, Chief Operations Officer at HyperPay said: “At HyperPay, we have always sought to offer our customers accessible payment solutions that are easy, responsive, secure and focused on their business. This venture will definitely help us to deliver on our promise guaranteeing a seamless user experience”.

“HyperPay is amongst the first few in the Kingdom to offer STC Pay to its merchants and we are very proud of this partnership,” Manasra also added.

Launched in 2014, HYPERPAY is a trusted payment service provider in the MENA region, offering a wide range of smart online payment processing solutions, backed by cutting-edge technology platforms, to businesses ranging from the smallest to the largest enterprises. Our ability to easily integrate with any platform, allows merchants to start accepting and optimizing their payments quickly.

HYPERPAY is conveniently connected to a large network of acquiring banks in the region, giving merchants the ability to process online payments through multiple acquirers.

STC Pay is a secure digital wallet that empowers thousands of customers to take full control and manage their finances anytime, from anywhere. It enables sending, receiving and managing money directly through a mobile app.