Millicom joins industry-leading innovation lab, CableLabs


Millicom, a provider of cable and mobile services which operates under the TIGO brand in Latin America, has beocme a member of CableLabs, the leading innovation, and R&D lab for the cable industry, delivering impactful network technologies and specifications that connect the digital world.

With more than 11 million homes passed and 37.2 million mobile customers, Millicom will help advance CableLabs’ goals of technology alignment, adoption, and scale across the global cable industry.

CableLabs is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering technology innovation in the cable space in anticipation of future needs. Through decades of technology experience, inventions and patents, CableLabs has led crucial technological advances that help cable providers around the world deliver better communication services to global markets.

Millicom joins 65 other members, including Charter, Comcast, Jupiter Telecom, Liberty Global, Liberty Latin America, Rogers, Shaw, and Vodafone, all of whom are dedicated to improving communication services and connectivity through the expertise and innovations that CableLabs drives.

Xavier Rocoplan, EVP, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Millicom commented: “We are extremely honored and enthusiastic to be joining CableLabs. Millicom is the only convergent provider offering mobile and cable services in the nine countries in which we operate in Latin America, with over three million cable households. As we continue to grow our cable footprint throughout Latin America, our membership in CableLabs enables us to continue to be dedicated and committed to provide the best service to our customers.”

“CableLabs is excited to work with Millicom to deliver advanced network solutions that will address the future needs of consumers and businesses,” said Chris Lammers, SVP and Chief Operating Officer at CableLabs. “With Millicom’s cable and mobile operations in nine countries across Central and South America, CableLabs substantially expands its support across Latin America and the Caribbean. Millicom represents yet another CableLabs member committed to our focus on the convergence of fixed and mobile networks.”

The membership in CableLabs is an important step in Millicom’s commitment to continue building digital highways that connect and improve people’s lives. Cable innovation is a key component that will ensure longevity in the quality and advancement of services for Millicom’s customers for years to come.