Huawei’s Cloud-based BNG Solution Verified by EANTC Scalability Tests

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The European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) announced that Huawei’s Cloud-based BNG solution has passed strict testing of home broadband service scenarios.

This solution is the first in the industry to allow over 20 million concurrent IPv4 and IPv6 subscribers, supporting more than 10,000 subscriber session activations per second as well as the management of hundreds of forwarding devices.

With the rapid growth of the ultra-broadband industry, video has become a basic service for operators and the video user scale is experiencing explosive growth. The question of how to efficiently manage networks and rapidly deploy services is now of vital importance. The Cloud-based BNG solution moves the network service layer to the cloud, effectively improving network resource utilization and service agility.

Earlier in 2017, EANTC had conducted phase-1 tests of the Huawei Cloud-based BNG solution to verify the user access function. In the second phase of the test, EANTC verified large-scale deployment and management of the solution.

The test plan was based on carriers’ commercial scenarios, encompassing the access quality and experience of broadband users, system scalability, reliability, and GUI management capability. The Huawei team supported the tests in Nanjing, China, designing a special optimized lab solution to permit the large-scale tests within a lab setup with finite resources.

EANTC test site

EANTC confirmed that the Huawei Cloud-based BNG solution performed well in all test cases. The results show that this solution is capable of providing excellent user access functions, dual-stack access modes, and a variety of services. In GUI mode, Huawei NCE provides unified O&M in visual and controllable ways to improve O&M efficiency.

This solution offers excellent scalability and large capacity, allowing more than 20 million users to go online concurrently with more than 10,000 sessions established per second. In addition, the EANTC tests confirmed that the solution enables remote disaster recovery for data centers and hot and warm backup for forwarding plane devices. The hot backup solution even supports service switching within milliseconds.

Carsten Rossenhoevel, Co-founder and Managing Director of EANTC, said, “In the advanced tests conducted this year, Huawei’s Cloud-based BNG solution demonstrated its excellent orchestration capability on the Cloud-based control plane and forwarding plane. The scalability of subscriber sessions and access performance were very impressive. In addition, the use of NFV and SDN allows the deployment of new applications at scale and improves O&M efficiency.”

Regarding the success of this test, Jeffery Gao, president of Huawei Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line, said, “With the scaled deployment of broadband services, the Cloud-based BNG architecture presents greater benefits to operators. It uses network resource pooling to improve IP address utilization by 30%. In addition, its centralized management and control reduces network configurations by 80%, can automatically bring new devices online, and accelerates service provisioning.”

This success showcases the capabilities of Huawei’s solutions in the fields of metro network evolution and Cloud-based architecture. Huawei is dedicated to helping operators around the globe construct the next-generation networks centered on user experience and will partner with operators to usher in an era of Cloud-based BNG commercialization for better business development.