Huawei Unveils Fully Containerized 5G Core Network


The first 5G Core Summit was held in Madrid, Spain. At this summit, Huawei unveiled the industry’s first fully containerized 5G core network.

This 5G core network applies container technology to all NFs to make network deployment more agile and service rollout faster, helping carriers empower new business and operations for all industries and enabling digital transformation of industries.

To cater for differentiated requirements of industry applications in the 5G era, networks must support fast software iteration and upgrade to accelerate service innovation, reduce trial and error costs, and achieve business agility.

3GPP introduces service based architecture (SBA) to the 5G core network to flexibly customize and combine NFs on demand. Huawei further splits NFs in to microservices to make version release faster, deployment more lightweight, and service orchestration more flexible.

Container technology is the best choice for a microservice architecture. It meets ever-changing service needs by making the 5G network more agile and flexible, maximizing resource utilization, and enabling quick location of faults and self-healing.

Huawei has adopted Cloud Native in NFV-based core networks to realize stateless design, cross-DC deployment, A/B test, and other innovative technologies. Huawei also unveiled the world’s first 5G core network based on microservice-centric architecture (MCA) at MWC 2019.

This industry-first fully containerized 5G core network, supports 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA network access. It helps carriers build more agile, flexible, and efficient 5G networks to meet diversified industry requirements and achieve business success.

Huawei spearheads development of 5G chips, products, and networking, and is the only communications enterprise in the world that can provide end-to-end 5G commercial solutions. Huawei has signed more than 50 5G commercial contracts worldwide and helps carriers gain a head start for 5G deployment and deliver ultimate user experience.