Huawei Extends Managed Services with Nigeria Bharti Airtel

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Huawei has announced it has extended its strategic partnership with Nigeria Bharti Airtel (Airtel) by expanding the managed services coverage to the capital city Abuja and surrounding federal territory.

The extension will improve network quality and enhance the Airtel customer experience in the region.

Previously operated by a different Managed Services Provider (MSP), this extension of Airtel’s managed services coverage demonstrates the strong partnership between Huawei and Airtel. Huawei will support Airtel in achieving its business objectives supported by our capabilities including employee management, OSS tools, as well as standardized delivery platforms and processes (MSUP).

Huawei has partnered with Airtel in Nigeria since 2011 and provides managed services on 2G and 3G wireless networks, microwave transmission networks and core networks, across 60 percent of the country.

Managed services is widely used by Communications Service Providers (CSP) in Africa, and has seen an average growth of 52 percent from 2012-2014. Huawei is currently the leading MSP in the region with more than 45 percent market share, and serves 25 CSPs in the region.