How to Find a Remote Job and Start Working from Home


Remote work from home jobs are in high demand these days. This is because both employers as well as job seekers have finally come to know about the perks associated with remote working practices. Now that people have realized the different ways in which a remote job can make things easier for them, the majority of job seekers can be found looking for a job that allows them to work from home.

Perks Of Remote Jobs:

Immediate hire work from home jobs are a great opportunity for people who want to work on a flexible schedule. These jobs allow employees to work as per their own convenience. Workers can spend time with their loved ones and work at the same time. People who work from home have better work-life balance and rarely complain of stress and anxiety. The time and effort spent on commuting to and from the office is also saved.

On the other hand, companies offering remote jobs have a better employee turnover, get to hire team members from all around the globe and they can also save a lot of money that would have otherwise spent on office rent and ongoing miscellaneous expenses. Employees are also more productive and motivated to work and play a more active role in the progress of the business or the company they are working for.

How To Find A Remote Job?

Now that we have established that remote jobs come with a number of advantages, it is now time to share how to find remote jobs on Linkedin.

It is obvious that remote jobs are the new trend. Therefore, finding a handful of tech support jobs that allow you to work from home is not that complex. You just have to look in the right direction. Here are some platforms that will prove helpful for anyone who is in search of a remote job:

1. We Work Remotely:

We Work Remotely is an online job board that lists remote jobs. You can use the search queries to look for a remote job that best suits your expertise and skill set. The jobs are updated regularly and employers from all around the globe use We Work Remotely to find employees for their teams. Thus it is an online platform that connects remote job seekers with companies interested in hiring a remote team.


Anyone who has searched for part-time remote jobs from home would already be familiar with What makes special is the fact that they not only share remote job listings but you will also find plenty of blogs and articles that will help you retain your remote job. There is a separate Q&A section where visitors can post their queries and get help.

3. UpWork:

If you are a freelancer who is looking for projects, Upwork would be your best bet. Upwork was previously known as Odesk and is one of the leading platforms which is used for people who are wondering about how to get a remote job with no experience. Projects are posted on UpWork on a regular basis and the freelancers can bid on them to get work. Some clients hire remote freelancers on a part-time or project basis while some also look for remote workers to have them on board for a long-term basis. From video editors to writers, teachers, designers – you name it and you will find related jobs on UpWork.

4. Linkedin:

Linkedin is one of the best resources that can help you find home jobs. The best thing about Linkedin is that it is like a community where people come together to help each other. You can look for jobs directly or contact recruiters who are hiring for different companies. If you are truly using Linkedin to find a remote job, you can also subscribe to the premium feature and get access to their premium features which will provide you with insights about your profile visits so that you can further customize the profile to get immediate attention from potential employers.

5. FlexJobs:

Flexjobs is another job portal that can be a valuable resource for those who are looking for a remote job. They offer a total of around fifty job categories that can land you a job on a different contractual basis. It is an ideal job board for freelancers, part-time workers and even the ones who are looking for a full-time work from home job. It is a leading job site that is used by many companies to find remote workers so it is likely that you will land a job in a leading company when you use FlexJobs to find a remote job.

How to Retain A Remote Job?

Finding a remote job is only one part of the challenge. The next step is to retain a remote job. Although remote jobs have a lot of perks, they also come with their own downsides. Here are some tips that will help you retain a remote job:

  • Communication is key when you are working remotely. Therefore, make sure that you communicate in a clear and effective manner to avoid inconveniences on both ends.
  • Time management is also an integral component of remote jobs. You need to set goals and targets and manage your time so that the tasks are accomplished within time.

Technology and remote working tools are your best friend. Make use of time tracking softwares, productivity tools and online collaboration platforms so that you can manage your work in an effective and efficient manner.