How Technology Is Enabling RoadMoving In COVID Era?


Moving to a new home in the COVID era can be a challenge. With the minimum safety measures, travel restrictions, and quarantine protocols, you have to navigate a lot of things to ensure a successful relocation from start to finish. Fortunately, technology has been there to help you roadmoving amidst the presence of coronavirus around the world. 

If you’re moving soon, keep reading this article to learn about how technology is enabling moving in the COVID-19 era. 


  • Makes It Easy To Find A New Home To Move-In


A move isn’t only about packing all your stuff but it’s also about looking for a new home to move in. Without a new place, you can’t pull off a successful moving transition for you and your family. Thus, it’s best to find a new home before the whole relocation process begins. But, with COVID-19 affecting people’s ways of living, you may not be able to go outside and find new residential properties to complete your move. 

Thankfully, technology in the form of real estate websites and applications will be there to help you. For example, you can browse through the Internet, visit some reliable real estate sites, and check for available homes that suit your budget and requirements. If you want to make it much easier and quicker, you can install an app like Zillow to search for more house listings. 

By using these technology advancements, you don’t need to expose yourself to the risk of getting infected with coronavirus while finding the perfect home for you. All you need to do is to sit on your couch, browse through sites in your laptop or mobile phone, and pick a home for you and your family. This can be an excellent starting point when moving during this difficult time. 


  • Helps You Schedule Professional Movers


Technology in the form of websites allows you to schedule a moving company for an upcoming move from the comfort of your home. Instead of visiting their physical offices, you can check out a moving company’s website and set a relocate date on your own. 

Typically, this app technology can help you manage a move on the go conveniently. It can provide you with the comfort of being able to schedule your own date or modify your bookings without worrying about the risk of COVID-19 infection and transmission throughout the transition. 


  • Helps You Get An Accurate Moving Quote


If you’re moving to Manhattan or wherever you may be, with the help of a relocation company, you should get an accurate moving estimate to ensure you’re paying the right amount of fees for the proces. Unfortunately, doing this may not be possible since due to social distancing rules provided by the government authorities in your area. This is where technology comes to the rescue for your roadmoving.

In lieu for an in-person house survey, the moving company can conduct a virtual survey of your house and create an estimate from it. This can be the most convenient way of knowing how much your move potentially costs while fighting the spread of coronavirus. 


  • Makes The Relocation Process Smoother And Safer


In a COVID era like today, moving to a new home can be an overwhelming experience. Luckily, technology has made the entire process of relocating much smoother and safer. This is probably with the use of essential moving applications available online. These can include:

  • Move Advisor – This app can help keep your tasks organized from beginning to end. With its easy-to-use platform and intuitive functionality, you can monitor all the things and have them accomplished on time without compromising safety. 
  • Letgo – Moving can be your chance to declutter and dispose of unnecessary items in your old house. This can also be a great way of saving money by transporting a few boxes after the decluttering process. But  due to COVID-10, holding a garage sale in the neighborhood may not be possible. This is where this app comes into play. Letgo is a selling platform that allows you to sell your second-hand stuff at a reasonable price while keeping yourself safe from the virus. 
  • Sortly – This application can be used to make your packing much easier and quicker. Instead of spending more time packing which can increase your exposure to the virus, it’s best to make use of Sortly to help you categorize your items properly and label your boxes accordingly. 
  • TaskRabbit – Moving also requires you to make your new home livable. And to avoid going outside meeting some professionals to handle the renovation projects, you can download this application to look for contractors from the comfort of your mobile phone. 

The Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, a house relocation in the COVID-19 era can be a daunting task. But, it doesn’t need to remain that way with the help of new technological advancements nowadays. By keeping the information mentioned above, you’ll realize how important technology is is enabling roadmoving during this unfortunate time. 

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